Domingo Martín, presidente de ASPROCAN

Domingo Martín Ortega, new president of ASPROCAN

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Domingo Martín Ortega, has been elected new president of the Association of Canarian Plantain Producers Organizations (ASPROCAN), according to the agreement adopted by the Ordinary General Assembly of the organization, held on April 6th in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. After his election, Martín Ortega has emphasized the importance of preserving the unity of the sector, something that he considers fundamental at a time when the Canary Islands’ Banana must face great challenges, both in Spain and in Europe, on the ground Banana marketing and competition with bananas from third countries.

The improvement of the domestic market against competition from third countries, the opening to external markets and the consolidation of the Protected Geographical Indication, main objectives of the new head of ASPROCAN

The new president has decided to continue working on the lines of action that in the last years have been priority since ASPROCAN, among which he has highlighted the maintenance and improvement of support to the sector, which are key to address growing unequal competition with the banana as well as the necessary increase of the competitiveness with a product of added value in the national market, emphasizing in this sense the consolidation of the seal of European quality awarded to the banana.

The opening of foreign markets, through a common project that is shared by all Producer Organizations, is other of the renewed challenges facing ASPROCAN with Domingo Martín Ortega as President.

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The new president of ASPROCAN has been honored to be able to represent the organization and to have the support of producer organizations, whose representatives have pledged to work on behalf of all producers in their defense. On the other hand, during the Ordinary General Assembly the issues of relevance for the Plantain of the Canaries in the year 2016 were analyzed and the corresponding budgets of the Association were approved for this year 2017.



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