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For many crops such as cereals, sowing is carried out directly, a task that requires having the tools and machinery adapted on the one hand to the type of land in which we find ourselves and on the other hand to the seed itself. Therefore, finding a universally valid machinery for this work is complicated, but it is possible to adapt successful models to the needs of each farmer.


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In this context, Sembradoras GIL, throughout its more than 65 years of history, has specialized in the world of sowing, which has led them to become today the leading brand in the sale of sowing machines, especially direct sowing , taking over 30% of the market, according to ROMA 2019 data (Gil = 144; Sola = 107, Aguirre = 99; Amazone = 32; Gaspardo = 29; John Deere = 26). “The close proximity to Spanish farmers together with our years of experience have made the machines evolve every year and provide very effective and practical novelties for planting,” says Teresa Gil, Marketing Manager at GIL.

This 100% Spanish company, from its beginnings, specialized in the world of planting. Already in 1984 they manufactured the first three row row direct sowing machines, introducing this type of cultivation technique in Spain. “They were machines that went with our popular inverted T-grid, to favor the closing of the furrow and the perfect nascence of the seed”, describes the person in charge of Marketing. They continued in the 90s with the popular AIRSEM model, introducing depth control behind the tractor wheels. “We were the first in Europe to incorporate the 4 rows to the direct tillage sowing machines, a trend that has been followed by all manufacturers,” he adds.

These references record that GIL has always spearheaded planting innovations and pioneered many advancements and techniques, which have then been followed by the competition.

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Adaptation to each terrain

The great variety of soil types and climatology in our country makes it very difficult to manufacture a universal planter. GIL offers options and solutions for this wide range of possibilities. In this way, the same machine can be adapted at any time to the different states of the land and planting techniques.

For a good application of direct seeding or minimum tillage, the machine must have a series of essential characteristics to obtain the desired seeding. In the case of grating, the distance between lines and rows is essential, it should not be less than 50cm; it must have a strong opener that achieves the opening of the land; a boot that positions the seed at the desired depth and facilitates the closure of the furrow; and finally, a harrow that closes the furrow well. When it comes to a disc, you must have a disc with the proper angle and pressure to open the furrow in hard terrain, and capable of cutting the stubble residues, then suitable elements for closing the furrow.

Direct seeders GIL

Sembradoras GIL offers a great variety of models so that each client has the machine that perfectly adapts to their terrain and plot surface. Within the mechanical machines we have a 3-row grid (Model SNL) and a disk (Model SNL-D). As for the pneumatics, they highlight its Airsem-SNL model with a 4-row grille that complements the Airsem-L-SNL model, a lighter version for slightly


AIRSEM-C-D Sembradoras GIL

softer terrain and that can be used by lower-powered tractors; the Airsem-D disc model, ideal for precision sowing thanks to its depth control; and the largest models, with a 6,000 l hopper, both on the grating (Airsem XL-SNL) and on the disk (Airsem XL-D).

“All our models offer the possibility of the combined hopper to be able to fertilize at the same time as it is sown and thus minimize fertilization costs. We also offer the possibility of incorporating different auxiliary hoppers, for microgranules and front hoppers, and thus be able to increase autonomy ”, confirms Teresa GIL.

Main Features GIL Direct Seeders

  • Row spacing: 52 cm to avoid chaffing
  • Great clearance: more than 50 cm from the ground to the chassis
  • High Boot Height: ensures that the reeds and other stubble do not catch on the grain drop tubes
  • Seed depth control: the drop goes immediately after the coulter for more effective depth control
  • Versatility with the double spring: for greater pressure of the arm for direct sowing and greater flexibility for conventional.
  • Different grille options: for adaptation to various types of soil.
  • Great penetration capacity: thanks to the narrow tungsten tip
  • Floatation system with the option of rear wheels to copy the terrain profile.

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SNL Sembradoras GIL

SNL / SANL-3F: Mechanical seed drill, with inverted T-opener with tungsten tip that facilitates furrow closing, double-toothed distributor for fine and coarse seeds, variable speed drive, telescopic drop tubes and filling walkway. The SANL version is a double-seed drill combined with stainless steel. 17.5 cm separation between arms, but they are prepared to be able to place 3 more arms, decreasing the separation to 15 cm.

AIREM-4F-SNL: Pneumatic seed drill with 4 rows for working in large accumulations of residues, without any problem of clogging. Inverted T-grille with a tungsten tip that facilitates the closure of the groove. Optionally tine harrow or compactor wheels.

AIRSEM-L-4F-SNL: Suspended pneumatic no-till seed drill with tungsten tip. With hydraulic articulation for transport, seeding train in three articulated bodies to copy the ground. Depth control on 4 wheels, lateral control wheels, 2,000 l hopper. Seeder in four rows for work in large accumulations of stubble. It is designed with less heavy materials to work with lower power tractors. Ideal for the professional who goes more to minimum tillage techniques, being valid for direct and conventional sowing.

AIRSEM-Xl-XLC-4F-SNL: Trailed pneumatic seed drill with direct sowing of large capacity (6,000 l.) Fan drive by hydraulic motor. Depth control at 4 wheels. Dealer drive by drive wheel or electric motor. Rear three-point to interchange different seeding trains. XLC version (combined) with a capacity of 3,650 l. grain and 2,350 l. subscription. The seed train can be mounted with an inverted T-bar tungsten tip or a narrow tungsten t-bar in the L (light) version.

Disc direct seeders


SNL-D Sembradoras GIL

SNL-SANL-D: Direct-tillage mechanical trailed seed drill. Single disc opener, with independent depth control wheel, seed tightening wheel and wheel to close the furrow. Double toothed distributor for fine and coarse seeds, variable speed drive, telescopic drop tubes and filling walkway. The SANL-D version is a seeder combined with a double toothed distributor and a speed drain for grain and fertilizer, stainless steel telescopic tubes. Optional: Cleaning disc for work on wet ground.

AIRSEM-D: Pneumatic trailed seed drill with direct sowing of discs, with hydraulic articulation for transport, in three articulated bodies to copy the field. Large capacity volumetric distributor, augers, light kit. Single disc opener, with independent depth control wheel, seed tightening wheel and wheel to close the furrow. Distributor powered by electric motor and fan with hydraulic motor. Optional: Cleaning disc for work on wet ground.

AIRSEM-XL / XLC-D: Trailed pneumatic seed drill is planted directly with a large capacity disc (6,000 1.), and in the combined version (XLC 3,650 l. Of grain and 2,350 l. Of fertilizer). Fan drive by hydraulic motor. Dealer drive by electric motor or drive wheel. Seed train for direct sowing of discs, consisting of a control wheel with a sowing disc, a compacting wheel and a closing wheel. Available in versions with cleaning disc and rubber or metal compacting wheel.

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