2020, International Year of Plant Health

FAO presented the International Year of Plant Health (AISV) of the United Nations in 2020, whose objective is to raise global awareness on how to protect Plant health.

UPL Iberia presents in Fruit Attraction a new way of doing OpenAg agriculture

You can follow all the activity of UPL Iberia in Fruit Attraction through Social Networks with the hashtag # UPLFA19.

JCB sells its first Teleskid in Europe, proving its versatility in the agricultural sector

JCB has sold in Europe its first Teleskid, presented last March at the Conexpo exhibition in Las Vegas, where the potential of this machine for agricultural applications was realized. Thus, the versatility of the Teleskid 3TS-8W has been proven after being acquired by the British dairy producer WEJ & HJ Neville, from Matlock in Derbyshire.

Greencorp: leadership in biotechnology in northern Mexico

The Saltillo´s company celebretes their tenth anniversary with the announcement of new development programs for global agriculture. In just one decade they have created their own technology, through the use of natural and semi-desert biotic resources to develop cutting-edge products useful for organic and traditional agriculture.

AgroFresh brings fresh air to Sudamerica

AgroFresh, a company originated in Philadelphia, which has won awards in Spain, Belgium, France, China and recent winner the 2015 Sustainability Award from Rabo Bank opens its doors to the producers of the Southern Cone. Building on more than 15 years of experience in enhancing fruit freshness, quality and value, AgroFresh Solutions Inc. will soon offer its advanced technologies to countries in the Southern Hemisphere.

Brazil: Release of 1050 Fendt Vario

Agrishow 2016 was held from 25 to 29 April in Ribeirao Preto. The Fendt Vario 1000 was presented for the first time on the South American continent in this important fair of agricultural machinery.

Seed, only essential factor for the crop production

The plant breeder industry invests around 20% of its turnover in R & D. Get a new variety involves an investment of up to 3 million euros. Industrial property protection means the results of the work of breeders, thus sustaining improvement programs and development of varieties.

Just as important it is to produce and communicate what is grown

Agriculture in the XXI century society is as necessary as unknown. It is the conclusion of the last general assembly and the press conference of the Business Association for Plant Protection (AEPLA). They are the consumer aware of the important role that agriculture plays in the production of fresh foods every day arrive at your table? This and other questions have led to AEPLA to launch the "I Perception Survey and Image Agriculture" conducted by the consulting Commends and now the results are made public.

The market of agricultural machinery remains vital signs

Even though the temperature is taken to the international fleet of machinery, the thermometer does not rise, but not substantially lower. Demand for tractors, harvesters and other equipment is contracted, although someone more than the other. Latin America and Asia-Pacific have been ground down, while the United States and the EMEA region have improved diagnosis. The boost in sales of tractors 2016 Spain has not escaped anyone's eyes, something more restrained in collection, but experts remain cautious. Overall, the European market is going to find a generally stable trend. The machines see their market niches very much alive in Africa and marks are studying how to land in Latin America.

Supplier and customer, growing together

The new program is designed to create and share with customers a highly qualified on the world of solutions of this company for the nutrition of crops and bioestimulantes knowledge. Valagro Academy launch coincided with the útlima edition of Fruit Logistica 2016. It could not be otherwise.