Citrosol, CEPYME 2015 Technology Innovation Award

Citrosol Valencia has won the award given by the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises (CEPYME) and the Spanish Federation of Autonomous (CEAT), among nearly 200 companies that have chosen these business awards. The award was presented at a ceremony presided at the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid SM Philip VI.
Adonay Obando, director general de Bayer CropScience Iberia, (primero por la izquierda), durante un momento de la celebración de los 10 años de Food Chain Partnership. Imagen: BAYER

“The farmer entrepreneur sees opportunities where others see problems”

Bayer CropScience has received in his stand of Fruit Attraction a lecture by Professor Jaume Llopis, Strategic Management at IESE Business School, and with more than 30 years in the food industry.
Maíz. Imagen: Andrei Ghergar / FreeImages

Debate on the sole authority of evaluation of plant protection in Fruit Attraction

Organized by FEPEX and AEPLA, and within the framework of the International Industry Fair: on 29 October from 16:30 the day "a tool toward a more innovative, productive and competitive agriculture Spanish evaluation only Authority".

Javier Coronado: “The new Arysta LifeScience is positioned with a 37% market share in Latin America”

For the first presentation at Fruit Attraction to the Arysta LifeScience sector, the company estimates the daily visit of more than 500 people between suppliers and customers to the stand there. Javier Coronado, director of Arysta LifeScience in Spain and Portugal, not only goes into detail of their developments will meet at Feria de Madrid (Spain), but also their expectations for growth in the Iberian Peninsula, in addition to its privileged share Latin American market.

Adama, main protagonist of the XX fruit day in Mollerussa

For two days the Experimental Farm of Mollerussa Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology of Catalonia (IRTA) has become the national center of fruit growing with the celebration of the twentieth edition of its fruit day, an event that has come over 1,800 growers who came from different parts of Spain and this year has had the sponsorship of Adama Agriculture Spain, which has debuted Brevis®, an extraordinary innovation in apple thinning.

BASF offers AgCelence® Solutions for growing lettuce

The company reports that the fungicide is Signum® reference in its category against botrytis and sclerotinia, through the action of boscalid and Pyraclostrobin, which also provide benefits AgCelence® improving post-harvest quality of lettuce.

European Week of biotechnology

Middle October was held the European #biotechweek Biotechnology Week, promoted by the European employers Europabio, which ASEBIO, the Spanish Association of Biotechnology Companies (ASEBIO) has carried out a special role.

BASF: Challenges responsible food consumption in Barcelona

The Creator SpaceTM tour commemorating the 150th anniversary of BASF, has already passed through Bombay, Shanghai, New York and São Paulo, and will culminate in Ludwigshafen in November. The program includes a summit of experts, creative 24-hour marathon, children's workshops and artistic interventions Big-based data. Its aim is to build a network of collaborative knowledge, connecting people to generate ideas and innovative solutions.

Yara Safety day: job security a priority

Zero injuries. For achieving this target must involve all company employees through continuous training. The Norwegian multinational, Yara, takes example and held last September 23 its Safety Day, a day devoted to instruction in safety.

Bernardo Lorente, reelected president of FEDEMCO

On September 30, the Spanish Federation of Wood Packaging and Components, FEDEMCO, which represents more than 90 companies in 12 regions, held in Valencia an extraordinary general meeting. The partners have so discharge to the current government of the Federation, naming again the majority of its members.