“At BASF we want to help farmers to be more sustainable, environmentally and financially”

The year 2021 began with the appointment of Konstantin Kretschun…

Francisco Javier García, Symborg’s new global marketing director

The new director has 15 years of experience as an agricultural…

El Pinar reinforces its position with rustic varieties

Once the strawberry season has started thanks to their rustic…
granado Rugalate

Viveros Hernandorena gives us the most complete stock of pomegranate plants

Viveros Hernandorena keeps specializing in the production and…

BASF to acquire innovative melon breeding company ASL

BASF has formally agreed to acquire ASL, one of the most innovative…

Rijk Zwaan presents new solutions for the watermelon and melon market

Revolutionary concepts, at the forefront of the market, with varieties that respond to farmers and consumers.

Arrigoni solutions against summer berry problems

Harmful insects and high temperatures are two of the obstacles that berry growers face in summer.

AlgaEnergy advances in the US market

AlgaEnergy NA Inc., a US subsidiary of AlgaEnergy, the world leader in microalgae biotechnology, has reached a distribution agreement with the Integrated Agribusiness Professionals (IAP).

The fig tree, a growing crop by specialists

The varietal research and the correct treatment of the fruit on the shelf has caused an important growth in the demand for fig plants, where Hernandorena is a specialist.

Arrigoni’s new agrotextiles for drift control

Arrigoni presents ANTI-DERIVA GRAY® and ANTI-DERIVA GRAY PRO®, two new agrotextiles that significantly reduce any risk of environmental contamination.