Biovert, more than 30 years innovating in productive and sustainable agriculture

Since 1988 Biovert develops effective and sustainable solutions to maximize the yield and quality of crops worldwide.

UPL Iberia presents in Fruit Attraction a new way of doing OpenAg agriculture

You can follow all the activity of UPL Iberia in Fruit Attraction through Social Networks with the hashtag # UPLFA19.

Comercial Química Massó sponsors the BusinessAGRO Tertulia on Ecological Agriculture

The Comercial Química Massó company joins as sponsor this #BusinessAGRO Tertulia about Marketing and Profitability in Organic Agriculture, which will take place next July 3 in Carlet (Valencia).
Instalaciones Delegación Linde Barcelona

New facilities of Linde in Gavà, Barcelona

To provide a comprehensive, efficient service with high quality standards for merchandise handling and intralogistics, are the permanent premises of Linde Material Handling Ibérica.

Agrarex brings innovation in greenhouses and crop protection to Berlin

Ten Spanish companies of agricultural components will participate in Fruit Logistica 2019 together with AGRAGEX. The companies belong to the greenhouse and crop protection sectors.
Fruit Logística

Uniq present in Berlín “Tu caja Uniq”

It is the first and only software created to select the type of cardboard packaging that best suits fruits and vegetables, allowing you to know which is the perfect box per product and logistics circuit.

Cajamar Caja Rural calls the forum "Prospective of Spanish agriculture 2050"

Cajamar Caja Rural gathers in the forum "Prospective of Spanish agriculture 2050" a group of experts to reflect, analyze and discuss some crucial issues for the future development of the agricultural sector; and collaborate in the design of necessary actions that contribute to redraw the role of our agriculture in the medium term, so that it can reach 2050 in the best conditions of competitiveness, quality and food security.

Climate change redirects the agrarian insurance system to a more solidary and universal model

MAPAMA has hosted the conference 'Challenges of agricultural insurance: climate change and risk management', organized by the Council of Associations of Agricultural Technical Engineers and Cajamar Caja Rural. In it, the public and private actors that make up the system, have provided their views on the challenges that the agricultural insurance system must face in the face of different threats, with special emphasis on climate change, its risks and also its opportunities.

Molecor will participate in Vinyl India 2018

Molecor will participate in the 8th edition of Vinyl India, an event that will take place on the 12th and 13th of April in the city of Mumbai, India.

Cuna de Platero brings its cooperative model to Huelva university students and bets on digitalisation and innovation and R + D

The cooperative of Moguer (Huelva), Cuna de Platero has presented to students of the University of Huelva its cooperative model and its strategic commitment to digitalization and innovation and R & D, on the occasion of its participation in the second edition of the conference 'Business Week', recently held by the UHU.