BKT launches the BKT Carbon website

The new website is dedicated to BKT Carbon, the company in the…

Fendt is leading in the Industry 4.0

Since 2013, the management consulting agency ROI-EFESO has presented…

Fendt achieves record market share in tractor registrations in Germany and France

In January, the German Federal Motor Transport Authority…

Sierra Max Pro is born, the new “made in BKT” tire

The new BKT tire, SIERRA MAX PRO, is ready to be launched on…

Agricultural machinery pioneer, Helmut Claas, dies

Helmut Claas, long-time Managing Director, Chairman of the Supervisory…
granado Rugalate

Viveros Hernandorena gives us the most complete stock of pomegranate plants

Viveros Hernandorena keeps specializing in the production and…

BASF to acquire innovative melon breeding company ASL

BASF has formally agreed to acquire ASL, one of the most innovative…

Discovered a new method of biofortification that transforms leaves into nutrient stores

A team led by Manuel Rodriguez-Concepción manages to increase…

Rijk Zwaan presents new solutions for the watermelon and melon market

Revolutionary concepts, at the forefront of the market, with varieties that respond to farmers and consumers.

Arrigoni solutions against summer berry problems

Harmful insects and high temperatures are two of the obstacles that berry growers face in summer.