Mexico & UK: Bodegas Riojanas celebrates its 125th anniversary

Bodegas Riojanas celebrated the 125th anniversary of the founding of this historic winery with individual signature culinary events organized in Mexico and the United Kingdom who attended the winery clients, journalists, opinion leaders and representatives of institutions. In both cases they have had the role of the Rioja cuisine thanks to the collaboration of the Echapresto brothers, responsible for the Rioja Michelin-starred restaurant Venta Moncalvillo, which featured an excellently paired menu with wines of Bodegas Riojanas and that fused the Mexican cuisines and British with the peculiar style of the Rioja cuisine. The final surprise, to the delight of all the guests, was the tasting landmark Mount Royal 1964 harvest, the best vintage in the history of Rioja in the opinion of many experts. The president of Bodegas Riojanas, Luis Zapatero, and the director general Santiago Frias, highlighted in their speeches the exporter spirit which since its founding in 1890 has always encouraged Bodegas Riojanas and led to his being co-founder of the first union of Exporting Wineries Bodegas Rioja in 1907. Although export Riojanas journey began many decades ago, intensifying its presence in major markets has now become one of its main strategic objectives. In addition, this winery founded in the locality of the Cold Ashtray and wine growing families Artacho late nineteenth century, without losing the familiar character, has followed in the last decade a diversification strategy that has led him to incorporate a range of wines the highest quality from five denominations of Spanish origin. The scenarios of the two celebrations were dining restaurant Club 51 Floor of the Torre Mayor in Mexico and restaurant The Vincent Rooms school Westminster Kingsway College, one of the most prestigious in the UK, which this year celebrates 105 years and whose Students collaborated in preparing the menu and dinner service. Chef Ignacio Echapresto explained that the choice of menu was very measured, always on the basis of which the protagonists should be the perfect pairing wines and with different dishes. "I wanted to give each dish a our character, a Rioja identity, but at the time I had some fusion cuisines of Mexico and the United Kingdom". Source: Bodegas Riojanas

Rioja, “Spanish Hero” for their marketing campaign in Great Britain

D.O. Ca. Rioja has received the award for "best marketing campaign in the UK" in the annual "The Spanish Heroes Awards 2015" award which aims to recognize the different organizations, companies and individuals, both Spanish and British which they have most successfully contributed to the promotion of Spanish wine.

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