Ham Passion Tour gets the first results after its first year

The Ham, the passion of Europe ”and has revealed some of the news scheduled for this second year of it.

The EC asks Spain for information to advance oil self-regulation

In relation to market developments, a balance has been made on July 31 and, with data still provisional, on August 31.

COAG asks the Government to control the controls in warehouses

They make the request in order to avoid that the surpluses of the previous campaign can be reintroduced in the market taking advantage of the fermentation of the new must of high quality.

Higher prices at the start of the table olive campaign

The drought and the olive grove diminish the harvest of table olives, which will be the shortest of the last decade with only 487,000 tons.

The export of black table olives to the US falls 50%

The export of black olives from Spain to the US in the period January-July 2019 was estimated at 8,325 tons. The export of Spain has gone from representing 76% of all exports to the US of black olives, to only 38% in the same period compared.

First sick olive trees of “Xylella fastidiosa” in France

The detection of “Xylella fastidiosa” for the first time in two ornamental olive trees in France next to the Italian border has generated concern among farmers.

Eat Original, the campaign to give more information to consumers

The safety, variety and quality of the agri-food chain are one of the main hallmarks of modern Europe.

Luis Planas gives the keys to the future of the dairy sector

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in operation, Luis Planas, said Wednesday in his visit to dairy cooperatives in Galicia, that the future of the dairy sector is to increase value, export and generational change.

Commercialized 145,400 tons of oil in July

The dynamism of the olive oil market is maintained, with 145,400 tons sold in the month of July. To date, the total quantity sold is 1,303,500 tons, 16% above the previous season, with a monthly average marketing of 130,400 tons.

Wine production in Castilla La Mancha will fall by 30%

It is expected 30 percent below last year's production in Castilla-La Mancha, with between 20 and 23 million hectoliters. A campaign with a grape of higher quality and greater alcoholic strength.