EU: The oil sector pomace oil for a common future

The European Federation of Olive-Pomace Oil and Olive Biomass starts walking and does so with the force that gives the union and good understanding between the four associations of olive cake treatment plants there is at present in the European Union.

EE.UU., Insurance value for Spanish exports of table olives

Growing exports of table olives to the US despite the overall decline of 5% in 2015. ASEMESA Assembly has presented in its sector performance during 2015, which have been exported 346.1 million kilos worth 713.6 million euros. The Association notes that the balance of 2014 was particularly high due to cyclical reasons type and welcomes the results of last year.

Advanced fat olive oil for healthier sausages and chocolates

Six Spanish companies, led by the Andalusian company Oil South-Coosur (ACESUR Group), working on the development of a new generation of advanced fats that allows to offer healthier foods by replacing highly saturated fats.

WOOE: Area Gourmet with olive oil as an excuse

The Gourmet Area of ​​the Wolrd Olive Oil Exhibition (WOOE) celebrates its fifth edition with a menu to feel and enjoy the olive oil with the five senses. The wooe turns five with Kike Piñeiro in front of Gourmet Area. Olive oil will be responsible for stimulating, one by one, the five senses through the menu "AOVE with the five senses." Delicatessen with Olive Oil will feature more than 150 products of 50 companies.

Spain: Cheese and Extra Virgin olive oil: a perfect combination

Two foods with thousands of years of history behind it. Two elements without someone can not understand our cuisine. Cheese and extra virgin olive oil contain, in themselves, the DNA of the Mediterranean Diet. They are two of the cornerstones on which our food tradition built.

“Rincón de la Subbética” with the highest score in EchoTrama 2016

The D.O.P. Priego de Córdoba has earned with his signature "Rincón de la Subbética" of mills Subbética SL, the highest score in the XV edition of the International Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ecological, EcoTrama Awards 2016, which organized by the Provincial de Córdoba and Ecovalia on its 25th anniversary, and the collaboration of the Junta de Andalucía and the City of Pozoblanco.

In spring, the olives are reinvented

The first sunbeams mark the change of season. With spring comes an explosion of life in the countryside, parks and gardens. The milder temperatures and increased hours of sunlight encourage us to go back for the streets, enjoying the terraces and snack.

Olive Oil from Spain is positioned as an international brand

The brand promotion Interprofessional Spanish Olive Oil in Madrid is introduced its new international brand positioning, with a view to strengthening its leadership in the global market, the destination of more than 70% of the oil sector markets campaigns such as 2013-2014, in which more than 1.1 million tonnes were exported to over 160 countries.

Andalucía suffers the pulling out of more than one million olive trees for table olives in five years

Faced with continuing losses arising from the high costs of cultivation, olive-green onions have uprooted over one million olive trees in the last five years. To curb this situation, the president of ASAJA-Andalucía, Richard Serra, has urged the Minister of Agriculture of Andalusia to request the inclusion of table olives among the sectors that receive coupled payments (CAP) after 2017.

Aroden mill olive chartered a high-flying

The gourmet oil Cladivm becomes supplier of the German airline Lufthansa for the next two years. The quality oil will start shipping in the flights of the largest company in Europe in early February with 250ml bottles. The Cordoba company also has opened in recent months new markets in Asia with orders in Taiwan and China. A short-term internationalization efforts are focused on the US and Brazil and has already consolidated in Japan, Austria and Germany, among other markets.