Cirilo Arnandis, presidente de la DOP Kaki Ribera del Xúquer y de Cooperativas Agroalimentarias de la Comunidad Valenciana. Imagen: Cooperativas Agroalimentarias de la Comunidad Valenciana.

Cirilo Arnandis: “We are looking for new khaki consumers to meet the growth in production”

President of the DOP Kaki Ribera del Xúquer and Agrifood Cooperatives president of Valencia. Arnandis serves e-Commerce Agricultural occasion of the presentation of the 2015 campaign of the DEO. "There is talk of when the 'property bubble' Persimmon come, but we are here not to occur," he says.

Why COAG hasn´t signed dairy sector agreement in Spain. Miguel Blanco

After a process of consultation with farmers from different producing areas, COAG has decided not to sign the Agreement for the sustainability of the value chain in the dairy sector because it does not guarantee at all remunerative price for farmers who at least cover the production costs.

New agribusiness growth: aloe vera production. Ernesto Ruiz Merino, Ferris Hills

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Spanish science: who said easy? Aitor Veiga Monasterioguren, Alma Consulting Group

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Carmen Quintanilla, presidenta de la asociación de mujeres rurales AFAMMER. Imagen: AFAMMER.

Carmen Quintanilla: “More and more women who want to engage in rural areas”

The president of the association of rural women AFAMMER explains that "it is shown that few higher levels of equality and empowering women achieve greater development of the territories where they live occurs"

We must sow democracy in fields. José Manuel de las Heras, Unión de Uniones

In February 2012, Miguel Arias Canete, recently assumed the portfolio…

Isabel G. Tejerina: “The agri-food exports to Latin America almost doubled in the last 7 years”

The minister of Agriculture of the Spanish Government takes stock…

Raul Calleja, Director of Fruit Attraction

FRUIT ATTRACTION director since its first edition, the fair is…

Muñoz: “Gastronomy is the way for counting our angers and experiences”

By César Marcos 2015 August, 10 It is one of the Peruvian…