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Discovered a new method of biofortification that transforms leaves into nutrient stores

A team led by Manuel Rodriguez-Concepción manages to increase the capacity of plants to produce and store carotenoids Plant leaf in which chromoplast formation has been induced in the lower right part, which is reflected with the development of a golden-yellow color (Credit: Luca Morelli. CRAG) A new collaborative study led by Manuel Rodríguez-Concepción, CSIC researcher at CRAG […]

The Global Citrus Congress will take place on November 5

Global Citrus Congress live is a must for the those who wnat to learn more about the international citrus business. Citrus is one of the biggest produce categories, but it has faced increased competition from other fruit and vegetables in recent years. Since the onset of Covid-19, however, demand has been booming. How can suppliers […]

Lamb meat continues to gain fans

According to the latest market study commissioned by the Interprofessional Agro-Food Organization of Sheep and Goats (INTEROVIC), the upward trend in lamb meat consumption in Spain continues, reinforcing the increase recorded last year. This fact confirms the success of the European program of promotion to increase the consumption of meat of lamb and suckling lamb, that has been developing for two years in our country.