Asaja criticizes the bad prices of cereal, which do not accompany the acceptable production

New Holland abril

The president of Asaja Córdoba, Ignacio Fernández de Mesa, has informed that the harvest of the cereal is practically finished with prices very low, in relation to last year, which does not accompany the acceptable production reached during this campaign.

Fernández de Mesa stressed that “there is uncertainty in prices, since they are at very low levels” and there are no prospects for improvement, except for the durum wheat group TD1, which, due to the scarce existence, has gone up in the last days, but almost insignificantly.

In this way, while last year the value of the durum wheat group TD1 was 224 euros / ton, this year the price stands at 192 euros / ton. Also, D2 durum wheat, in 2017, the price was 218 euros / ton and in this campaign it stands at 184 euros / ton.

Likewise, there has been a large decline in the prices of barley and oats, the first being at 153 euros / ton compared to 162 euros / ton last year. In the case of oats, the price is 137 euros / ton compared to 144 euros / ton from the previous season.


In terms of production, the figures are higher than last year, with around 5,000 kg / ha. on average.


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