AgroFresh brings fresh air to Sudamerica

New Holland abril

AgroFresh, a company originated in Philadelphia, which has won awards in Spain, Belgium, France, China and recent winner the 2015 Sustainability Award from Rabo Bank opens its doors to the producers of the Southern Cone. Building on more than 15 years of experience in enhancing fruit freshness, quality and value, AgroFresh Solutions Inc. will soon offer its advanced technologies to countries in the Southern Hemisphere.

AgroFresh technologies use proprietary formulations to prevent ethylene recognition, slowing the natural ripening process and maximizing quality of apples, pears and other fruit varieties. The Harvista™ pre-harvest technology helps growers proactively manage fruit maturation to extend the harvest window and deliver the highest quality fruit.

Harvista controls fruit drop, keeping fruit on the tree longer to optimise color and yield. It also slows starch conversion and acid loss for optimal fruit firmness and flavour, and delays or minimises watercore.

The SmartFresh™ post-harvest technology controls the ripening process during storage, packing and shipping. It maintains just-picked quality and reduces storage disorders such as superficial scald, core flush and internal browning.


With a complete quality management program from AgroFresh — Harvista pre-harvest and SmartFresh post-harvest — producers can achieve the highest possible fruit value.

Harvista is now available to fruit growers in Argentina and SmartFresh is available in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru.