Seipasa renews its website for selling biopesticides

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Visual, functional, renewed, accessible and responsive design (adapted to different devices). This is the new web of SEIPASA,, a platform with the leading company in treatments for agriculture free of debris comes even closer to the professionals.

Conveniently and directly, the user can browse the catalog of products SEIPASA, all created with the guarantee of ‘zero waste’ and following a sustainable and environmentally friendly production. In fact, SEIPASA is the only Spanish company specializing in natural products for agriculture which features the prestigious EMAS certificate, the highest European environmental recognition.

But in addition to the features and functionality of each treatment, the new web of power SEIPASA the content that can be accessed by registered users by offering the ability to download at any time technical, commercial and safety of each product updated chips.

Given the growing international expansion SEIPASA, the platform detects the country from which you access the Internet user, so that display information relevant to your market.

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Natural Solutions

Biopesticides, bio-stimulants, nutritional … Within reach of the most demanding farmers will find a wide range of natural solutions that have made their way and already a reference in the national and international markets; an increasingly demanding in terms of restriction of pesticide residues in food, even below the Maximum Residue Limits legally established market.

With just a click, professional interested can find references to suit your needs and, if required specialized information, make the request for the technical equipment can be made available.

You can learn more about the potential of biopesticides SEIPASA a clear alternative and an ideal complement to pesticides traditional synthesis to control pests and diseases for its efficiency and added value through the production of fruits and vegetables ‘zero waste’. They are compatible with conventional strategies and the use of biological control organisms, and especially useful for managing resistance. Some of them are pyrethrin Seipasa®, BT 32 Seipasa®, Septum® or Nakar®.


As for bioestimulantes, a type of product that is gaining special role in agriculture, SEIPASA has exclusive formulations that favor a specific physiological reactions of the crop in the exact moment they need it.

Kynetic4®, Sweetsei®, Seiland®, Seisil® and Till-up® are five references on which you can learn more through the web. Improve the strength, yield and quality of the harvest; increase the efficiency of plant metabolism; They favor the color, odor, flavor, sugar content and texture of the fruit; and provide more fertile ground and facilitate the assimilation of nutrients.

As you can see in the online platform, the variety of nutrition available to the farmer is immense. With several specialized lines, producers can find organic fertilizers and organo-liquid, solid organic fertilizers, natural activators, foliar liquid correctors, products formulated with calcium deficiency correctors and others besides pH regulator.

Section R-Free Solutions wide range of products covering various crop requirements as those to protect the root system, actions or antisporulant natural repellent effect, to name a few are offered.

News & Events

Through the news section and through regular blog post SEIPASA the user can access current information concerning the sector. You can also learn more about the activity and essence of SEIPASA deep into the sections of ‘Company’ and ‘quality and environment’.

Source: Seipasa