The Albacete Emilia Piñero, awarded with the recognition “INTERPORC Promises of the Kitchen”

New Holland abril

The Albacete Emilia Piñero has been the winner of the “INTERPORC Promises of the Kitchen Contest”, which has cooked, in the opinion of the public and professionals of the hotel trade, the best dishes of “secret ice cream”, elaborated mainly with white pig secrecy , caramelized sweet onion and feta cheese.

On this last day at Meat Attraction, the stand of INTERPORC has counted with the participation of hundreds of people who have wanted to be part of the jury that has deliberated the recipes made with white-coated pork, by the chefs of the IES Hotel Escuela de Madrid.

With this event, INTERPORC has put the finishing touch to a fair in which it has had the maximum support of the public in all activities and especially during the showcookings prepared by the chef Estrella Michelin, Kisco García.

For its part, the exciting international final of the INTERPORC SPAIN 2018 award for “Best White Coat Ham Cutter”, which went to the Cádiz-born Juan Carlos Garrido, had an absolute full and great media coverage, attracted by the mastery of the six professionals, among whom the presence of the Japanese Takamitsu Ushiroyatsu, who had a meritorious performance in his first contest in Spain.



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