Clara Aguilera: “The European Commission confirms aid for the Spanish olive”


A delegation of farmers and ranchers of UPA, headed by its secretary general, Lorenzo Ramos, today transferred to the Minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, the need to take into account the rural world and food producers in the transition towards a circular economy, sustainable, low emissions and does not exclude any of its actors.

The small farmers have reminded Ribera that in order to address this transition, in terms of food production, “nothing should be invented”. “There is a model that is sustainable, is respectful of the environment and efficient in the use of resources: the model of majority family exploitation in Spain,” they said.

However, these farms are “asphyxiated”, have explained, by numerous problems and challenges that question their survival: The difficulties in access to water, energy costs, pressure from wildlife and climate change are, in the opinion of the Union of Small Farmers and Ranchers, the most pressing.

Sustainable by nature

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UPA has presented to Minister Ribera her “Sustainable by Nature” campaign, which highlights the work of small and medium-sized producers in their production activities and respect for the environment.

In terms of water, farmers have asked the minister to promote investments to modernize an irrigation “very necessary in Spain if we want to maintain life and employment in rural areas.” “Farmers must be able to have the water they need to produce,” they said.

On energy consumption, the organization has also claimed that farmers do not have to pay all year round for an energy that they will use “only a couple of months”, as well as a boost to renewable energies without tax charges.

In relation to climate change, UPA has asked that farmers be taken into account in the future Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition, developing specific adaptation and mitigation plans for the agricultural sector.

UPA also reminded the representatives of the Ministry of the need to reinforce management plans for wildlife where it causes damage to agriculture and livestock.


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