UE: AIMCRA participa en el proyecto europeo H2020 MASLOWATEN


MASLOWATEN is an R + D + I in which Europe has entrusted to develop and bring to market photovoltaic pumping systems of high power for Irrigation Communities, agribusiness and individual farmers. This solution will allow watering 100% renewable, saving up to 30% in water consumption by 80% and reducing energy costs.

The expected impact is great as, for example, the irrigation sector is the second largest consumer of electricity in Spain behind ADIF. The potential market in southern Europe is 16 GW and 24,000 million euros.
MASLOWATEN five demonstrators install photovoltaic systems of high power production facilities of large-scale irrigation, two in Spain (Alicante and Valladolid), one in Portugal (Alentejo), one in Italy (Sardinia) and one in Morocco (Marrakech). In their technical and economic feasibility will be demonstrated and used as instruments of technology diffusion and dissemination among key industry players. They will be the basis of a series of technical and financial instruments to its massive market penetration.

The project, coordinated by the UPM falls within the European Horizon 2020 program has a budget of 5 million euros, and the European Commission will receive an aid of 4 million euros.
The Association for Research and Crop Improvement of Sugar Beet (AIMCRA) is a research institute nonprofit whose mission is to support the improvement and modernization of the beet, transferring scientific advances through the grower training, technical services and personalized advice. It financed by Iberia and AB Sugar beet growers, it is the only research institute of the existing sugar beet in Spain.

Source: AIMCRA

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