United States approves a reduction of tariffs for artichokes and canned peppers of Spain

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The Congress of the United States has recently approved two measures that benefit regional producers and processors of artichoke and pepper of the Region of Murcia. In particular, it is about the total abolition of the 8.1% tariff paid for canned pepper so far and the reduction of up to 3% in the price of the tariff rates that apply to processed artichoke, both products from Spain.

This is very good news, both for the producers and for the artichoke and pepper producers of the Region of Murcia. “From Agrupal and Proexport we have worked for years to achieve a reduction of tariffs that would allow to increase the competitiveness of artichoke and regional pepper in the US markets and, finally, the time has come, although with a provisional measure that we will continue working so that be maintained over time, “say sources of Agrupal.

The president of the sector of Alhóndigas de Proexport, Mariano Zapata, considers that “the cooperation between both organizations has been close and has finally given positive results. The United States is a very relevant market and we trust that Murcia’s farmers and companies will be the great beneficiaries of this agreement.

” The measure is provisional and will continue until December 31, 2020.

This measure is a relief for producers and processors of the Region of Murcia, since in the case of the pepper arrives several years behind Peru, which exports 65% of the product consumed in the United States compared to 11% Spanish. For the artichoke it is still far from the Zero Tariff that Peru and Chile enjoy.

While the reduction of the tariff for canned pepper is total, going from 8.1% to zero, artichokes prepared in vinegar or acetic acid will pay 3% less, going from 10 to 7.2%. For artichokes prepared or preserved in other ways, the reduction is 2.2%, which allows the tariff to cost from 14.9% to 12.7% from now on.

The Region of Murcia is one of the main areas of production of processed artichoke in Spain and the main national exporter to that country, with 60% of the national total, which in figures means almost 20,000 tons per year. Regarding pepper, Spain exports 11% of the total consumed by the United States, about 4,500 tons per year according to data from 2017.


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