Unique Group has ten healthy proposals for the PITA cafeteria menu


Unica Group has developed ten healthy dishes proposals for the cafeteria menu of the Technological Park of Almería (PITA), continuing in its line of promoting healthy habits, just as it did with the Healthy Hotel project. These are recipes based on the “Healthy Eating Plate” concept from Harvard University, consisting of a balance of macronutrients, real food that is not processed, fresh and, whenever possible, organic.

The nutritionist of Unica, Lucía Muñoz, has developed the ten recipes available in this innovative menu, which contain the necessary nutrients, in the right combination, to contribute to a healthy and balanced nutrition, which can be adapted to be totally vegan. Global Collectividades collaborates in this initiative, which manages the Pythagoras Building cafeteria.

As explained Muñoz, “the most important part of these dishes are vegetables and fruits, and Almeria is a strategic place in the production of these essential products in a healthy diet, therefore, we can ensure that we are in the capital World of healthy products”.

Unica Group advocates to spread the concept of healthy nutrition, since “we export health to all Europe, where there are more than 500 million inhabitants and everything points to the consumption of fruits and vegetables in the coming years will increase considerably, thanks in part, to the healthy trend that is emerging in society. ”

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On January 25th at the PITA, Unica Group will once again organize a talk with a public figure of relevance in the field of health, in this case, dietitian-nutritionist Aitor Sanchez, who will talk about the ‘truths and lies in nutrition’. This initiative meets the objective of bringing healthy lifestyles in food to the Almeria society.

Unica Group, in the framework of its commitment to healthy eating, received in 2017 the NAOS Strategy Award, promoted by the Ministry of Health, for promoting physical activity and health in the workplace.

Source: Unica Group


➡️Unique Group promotes the consumption of vegetables through the project ‘Healthy Hotel’

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