Uniq, a seal of quality for AECOC 2018

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UNIQ, the agricultural quality seal of AFCO (Spanish Association of manufacturers of containers and packaging of corrugated cardboard), is part of the 20th Congress of Fruits and Vegetables of AECOC, which takes place in the Palacio de Congresos de Valencia between days 19 and June 20, 2018. More than 600 professionals come together at the meeting point of reference for the companies that make up the agri-food chain of shared value of the Spanish fruit and vegetable sector.

The seal of quality, attend this event to share experiences and challenges with producers, processors and distributors of fruit and vegetables. Our goal is to make known the advantages of packaging fresh products, provide solutions with a high degree of differentiation in terms of quality, innovation, design and standardization of measures, optimizing the packaging, storage, transport and logistics processes.

At the AECOC congress, an in-depth analysis and debate is made on the trends in search of sustainability and efficiency in the packaging of fruits and vegetables. Every time it receives more agents interested in betting on a sustainable packaging that provides guarantee, quality and confidence strategic pillars of the UNIQ agricultural corrugated cardboard box. In short, this fair will serve to consolidate the UNIQ quality seal as a reference in the market for packaging for horticultural products.

Prior to the congress, a lunch was held on the 19th that was already a burden of UNIQ, in which we were able to discuss the future of the quality seal and encourage distributors and industry references to use a packaging that contributes to the chain of value resistance, protection, hygiene, image, ecology, profitability and efficiency.

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➡️UNIQ supports with its sponsorship the Annual Fruit and Vegetable Conference of Agri-Food Cooperatives of Spain

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