Unica Fresh launches its dehydrated snacks BuenOh! in Amazon Spain, the United Kingdom and Germany


Unica Fresh launches at Amazon, the marketplace world leader in electronic commerce, its line of dehydrated snacks BuenOh !, 100% natural, and with which it intends to position itself in the market as a reference product, healthy, delicious, ideal for vegans, and suitable for celiacs. With this launch, the BuenOh! They will be available in the marketplace of Spain, the United Kingdom and Germany.

The range of products of the new brand, which Unica Fresh presented in the latest edition of Fruit Attraction, is characterized by its extra-crunchy texture, and the innovative process with which they are developed, which gives rise to a totally natural snack, without any type of additive.

The BuenOh snacks! They are presented in a bag of 15 grams, which is equivalent to a serving of 150 grams of fresh product.

Thanks to an innovative patented process, fruits and vegetables maintain all their flavor and organoleptic properties, without adding any type of sugars, salts, fats or other additives or preservatives, with the aim of offering the consumer a healthy, healthy and fun that you can enjoy anywhere and anytime.

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As Unica’s deputy director Diego Calderón explained, “there’s nothing like it in the market. Normally, the dehydrated fruit that we usually find in stores has around 10% humidity, with a soft and rubbery texture, and if they are more crunchy they are usually lyophilized or dried at high temperatures, which makes the product lose nutritional properties ”

As Calderón underlined, “we have achieved a dehydrated product below 2% humidity. To achieve such a crispy texture, we dry the product at low temperatures, preventing it from losing beneficial properties and we use an exclusive texturing process. “

More 30,000 snacks in schools in Navarra

In order to promote the values ​​of healthy eating and healthy life among the youngest children, a campaign to promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables has been promoted through the AN Group in schools in Navarra, together with the Ministry of Health Agriculture, through which a total of 30,000 BuenOh snack bags are delivered! to schoolchildren, during the whole month of June.

The format in which these snacks are available are perfect to take anywhere; in school, in the gym, in the office, and anywhere, since they will always be ready to consume.


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