TRIANUM®, double action biofungicide and star novelty from Koppert Biological Systems at Fruit Attraction 2017

TRIANUM®, the new and powerful double-acting biofungicide, will be the undisputed protagonist among the many innovations that Koppert Biological Systems will offer at its stand during the ninth edition of Fruit Attraction, an international fair in the fruit and vegetable sector, which will take place from 18th to 20th October, at the Fairgrounds in Madrid (IFEMA). This Koppert star product guarantees maximum protection against soil pathogens without leaving residues, without generating resistance problems and with authorization for use in organic farming.

The secret of TRIANUM® is the T-22 strain of Trichoderma harzianum, which is the strain belonging to the beneficial fungus Trichoderma, which is more aggressive against pathogens

The T-22 strain, produced and marketed exclusively by Koppert, is very effective in all types of soils. Unlike other commercial strains, T-22 has the highest temperature range in soil because it remains active between 8 and 34 degrees and pH levels between 4 and 8.5. It is in that interval when spores germinate and the T-22 deploys all its protective action against pathogens. TRIANUM® offers high compatibility with most phytosanitaries commonly used in agriculture and even allows for tank mixes. Unlike many conventional fungicides, TRIANUM® does not stop root or plant growth and significantly reduces the production of non-optimal plants.

Other innovations that this firm will announce at the fair will be the new hives that are ‘communicated’ with bumblebees and biological solutions for citrus

From its stand (7 E11A) in Fruit Attraction, Koppert will show the benefits of the new NATUPOL EXCEL® hive, which incorporates the exclusive BEEVISION® system. It is the only hive on the market that is ‘communicated’ with bumblebees to include outside marks specially designed within the spectrum visible by the bumblebee.

The new NATUPOL EXCEL® hive has been a resounding commercial success since its launch in Almeria, Granada and Malaga last August. In a short time, farmers have found that the efficiency of pollination increases and that the hive works longer from the moment it is placed inside the greenhouse.

Other innovative solutions for outdoor pollination for fruit crops, almonds and berries will not be missing at the Koppert stand, as the company has several beehive formats, such as TRIPOL® and NATUPOL BOOSTER®, which adapt perfectly to periods of flowering of each crop.

Biological pest control in citrus

In terms of biological solutions for pest control in citrus, Koppert will show on its stand the excellent results obtained in the biological control of the cotonet, thanks to the parasitic wasp Anagyrus pseudococci (CITRIPAR®), an exclusive product of Koppert that has allowed, for example, to overcome the presence of residues of chlorpyrifos in citrus and to solve thus a great challenge in one of the most important productions for the Region of Murcia, Valencian Community and Andalusia.

In citrus, Koppert will show the benefits of Aphytis melinus (APHYTIS®), a small parasitic yellow wasp that parasitizes various types of cochineal with a shield, mainly California Red Lice and white lemon lice

For the second consecutive year, Koppert España will participate in Fruit Attraction with a shared stand that includes exhibition spaces of the Swedish company Ludvig Svensson (thermal screens and meshes) and the Dutch Hogendoorn (air conditioning and automation).

Source: Koppert Biological Systems


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