Tomato Kumato®, a type of dark brown tomato that reinvents the market

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The sector of the tomato is an example of the consolidation and importance of the Spanish agriculture, a sign more of the paper of this country like referent in matter of external commercialization. This is shown by the data that, year after year, place Spain in the top of the world ranking in fruit and vegetable exports.

Currently, the lines of work of the producers and marketers aim at a better diffusion of the healthy characteristics of the tomato. Meanwhile, from the research centers, we continue betting on new varieties that present higher initial quality and useful life.

Among them we find Kumato®, the jewel of the tomato typologies, result of the cultivation and maturation of the product in the optimal climatic conditions, as well as of the careful selection before its commercialization.

In this way, the Kumato® is characterized by its hue, which ranges from the golden green to the characteristic dark brown, and its intense flavor. This variety is sweeter than traditional tomatoes; It also has slightly acidic connotations, producing a unique and well-defined sensation in the consumer. As for the size, it is usually between 80 and 120 grams per fruit, with a diameter of about 5 or 6 centimeters.

Kumato® tomatoes come from special tomato plants that produce, naturally, dark brown fruits and extraordinarily sweet.

This characteristic dark brown tomato is marketed in Europe by Syngenta, a leading company in the sector, which grows Kumato® in Mexico, France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, the United States, Australia and Japan. Specifically, in our country, the plantations of this tomato are mainly found in the province of Almeria and in the Region of Murcia.

A bet from Syngenta

Syngenta created a dark-colored tomato variety by classical breeding, and in turn decided to create and register a brand, Kumato®. Said tomato is not only a dark brown tomato, but it has been improved in its quality, in terms of flavor, brightness, uniformity and homogeneity.

A scientific curiosity, common to all tomatoes, is the high content of lycopene, a substance with antioxidant properties.

The fact of creating the Kumato® brand, responded to the need to follow a sign of recognition, differentiating it from the rest of the tapes that were at that time in the market, because we already talked about a history of more than 15 years, and 10 marketing.

This work is developed with a group of producers in specific locations, responsible for their production and marketing, which has allowed them to achieve a stability in the taste, size and appearance of the Kumato® tomato. This way you can ensure the characteristics of the product, so that the consumer has a take-you with the features you expect and can recognize at the time of purchase.

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