The struggle for the empowerment and equality of a key figure continues, rural women

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The World Day of Rural Women is celebrated on October 15th. The United Nations Assembly established this commemorative date one day after the celebration of World Food Day.

SIETE Agromarketing, in its commitment and commitment to highlight the importance that the female sector has in rural areas, commemorates on October 15 the International Day of Rural Women. Precisely, the objective of Mujer AGRO, a network developed by Siete Agromarketing, is based once again on giving visibility to the work carried out by them in the mentioned field.

The agro-professional woman does not always have the recognition that she occupies in the positions and positions of importance despite being an entrepreneur, cooperativist and entrepreneur in the rural sector. Her figure is underrepresented in the political and economic decision-making spaces, which is why it is essential to carry out awareness-raising work to reduce the inequality that still exists between men and women, and the promotion of greater female representation.

According to the latest figures, 30% of farms in the EU are managed by some woman, a percentage in which the most serious cases that reach even 5% are blurred. These farms have, on average, in Europe, an area of ​​6.4 hectares, while the average of farms managed by men is 14.4 hectares. In this way, they control 61% of the land compared to 12% in the case of women.

For this reason, Siete Agromarketing works in favor of achieving a greater share of representativeness and protagonism for women, as the main challenge that this group must still confront within the agro-food sector. A collective that constitutes a fundamental pillar for the development and future of the agri-food activity. In this sense, the achievement of equal opportunities in the rural world and agro-food sector happens because companies and their managers are involved with this challenge, along with the need for a real incorporation of women to make their activity visible in a sector in which the presence of the feminine sector is increasingly greater.

For its part, the UN commemorates this day with the main objective of highlighting the incorporation of the gender approach to agricultural policies, improving access to financing for investors in goods that contribute to resilience in the face of climate change, increase in women’s land tenure and the expansion of opportunities for participation in production and distribution chains in the most valuable products.

 It is necessary, then, for women to connect, to get to know each other; it is necessary to create spaces for communication. It is important to create networks, create connection.

Thus, women have to overcome their own barriers, but above all other barriers, and they must be able to position themselves in decision-making bodies and management in cooperatives and in companies and organizations in the agricultural sector. There are many examples, some of them very positive, but more is still needed. The agrarian women have worked all their life in the sector and must be visible, they must be representative and have a voice and decision in the sector. In addition, they are fundamental to change the productive model.

Thus, today, October 15, Siete Agromarketing reiterates its commitment to rural women, as it has been doing through the promotion of the different National Forums on Agro-Professional Women, and recently with the presentation of the I Edition of the ‘ Premios Agro Women ‘, to the impulse of the equality of opportunities in all the chain of value of the sector agroalimentario’, an award created with the aim of putting in value the empoderamiento of the women in the positions of responsibility of organizations, associations and cooperatives, as well as in the boards of companies and economic groups.

Agro Woman

In 2017, Siete Agromarketing launched its Mujer Agro project with the aim of creating a transversal forum where women and men give visibility to the work developed by them not only in the primary sector, but throughout the agri-food chain, including the industrial sector and services, through conversations, experiences, motivations and aspirations, with the sole purpose of promoting a space for dialogue and networking.

The main objective is none other than to raise awareness of the inequality that still exists between men and women, specifically in the agri-food and rural areas, and work together to achieve real equality at the hand of public and private institutions.

Since its work as a communication agency specializing in rural areas, Siete Agromarketing has been able to transfer to public opinion the importance of the female collective as a fundamental pillar for the development and future of the agro-food activity. In this context, the media, because of its impact on society, are a tool for raising awareness to achieve gender equality and Siete Agromarketing has managed to put women in the national media agenda.

Feminism is not a movement only of women, but also of men. That is why it is fundamental to raise awareness from the parity, the empowerment of women, dialogue and reflection.


➡️The Council of Ministers regulates subsidies to promote entrepreneurship and the participation of rural women

➡️The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food awards the IX “Excellence Awards for Innovation for Rural Women”

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