The Startup Europe Smart Agrifood Summit, the latest initiative of the EU to promote the modernization of the agri-food sector


The EU Commissioner for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Phil Hogan, is clear about it “with the modernization of the agri-food sector we all win” but it is not only an economic issue, it is also an issue of great environmental importance. 94% of the ammonia emissions to the atmosphere depend directly on the agri-food sector, especially the livestock area that generates 80% of the emissions of this polluting substance through the excretions of the animals, the rest is generated through the use of fertilizers and insecticides.

So things are fundamental initiatives such as the Startup Europe Smart Agrifood Summit with the support of the Commission of the European Union, will be held on 20, 21 and 22 June and will serve as a meeting point between producers and innovative companies to give the necessary impulse so that the agri-food sector is renewed, modernized and put to work to evolve and adopt the digital transformation that the planet and the millions of consumers demand for a significant improvement in terms of profitability, production and environmental care that It will be what allows the survival of small producers.

Karmelu Vella, EU commissioner for the environment, seconded the opinion of Hogan and ensures that “technological improvements will bring a significant reduction in emissions of pollutants that harm the welfare of the planet and are directly responsible for climate change” and that “thanks The technical improvements will be reduced by 10% between 2018 and 2030.

For their part, farmers agree that agriculture should intensify its action to address emissions from the sector. They also agree that new and accurate technologies could significantly help in this direction. Because although producers are concerned about the profitability of their farms, they also know that caring for the environment is essential to guarantee the existence and quality of their lands and animals that are, in the end, much more than their way of life. At Startup Europe Smart Agrifood Summit you will be able to know innovative technological solutions to boost your business. The appointment is in Malaga from June 20 to 22.



➡️Startup Europe Smart Agrifood Summit. Malaga

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