The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food awards the IX “Excellence Awards for Innovation for Rural Women”

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The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA) has awarded the work of seven women linked to the rural world in the IX “Excellence Awards for Innovation for Rural Women”.

These awards recognize some of the key commitments of the Ministry, such as policies that promote full gender equality, favor access to young people to agricultural activity and encourage the diversification of agricultural activity in rural areas; actions that slow down the depopulation of rural environments.

In this 2018 edition, the distinguished ones are honored in three of the four categories of these awards. In “Excellence in innovation in agricultural activity”, Lucía Velasco Rodríguez (Vaqueira Siglo XXI-Ganaderas Asturianas, Oviedo) and Nuria Álvarez Rodrigo (Agroberry, in the Zamora town of Almendra del Pan) were awarded.

The “Excellence in innovation in the diversification of economic activity in rural areas” has highlighted the work of Marta Reinares Gómez (Residence Campo Romanos, in the municipality of Zaragoza Romanos) and Rocío Vera Mora (Camporal, in Almodóvar del Campo. Real city).

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The category “Excellence in communication“, prize ‘ex aequo’, has fallen to the Valencian program El Forcat (Silvia Soria Cases) and the Andalusian program Surco y Marea (Eugenia Vílchez Villatoro) of the Cadena Ser in Andalusia.

The honorary award “Extraordinary innovation for rural women” this year has been for the president of the Association of Women of Agri-food Cooperatives of Spain (AMCAE), Jerónima Bonafé Ramis, who is also in charge of the Agro-food Cooperatives of the Balearics.

On October 18 will be the delivery of these IX “Excellence Awards for the Innovation of Rural Women”, in an act that is part of the activities scheduled by the MAPA to mark the 40th anniversary of the Constitution and will make special emphasis on the role of women workers in agriculture and fisheries.

Since 2010, the Ministry announces annually these awards with the aim of giving visibility to the work of rural women in the diversification of economic activity and entrepreneurial actions in the territory.


It has been recognized as “Vaqueira Siglo XXI-Asturian Cattle Ranchers” (Oviedo) for the innovation that involves combining the maintenance of an ancestral tradition such as transhumance with the figure of a woman leading a modern and competitive exploitation. A project that, in addition to modernizing the activity of grazing, makes visible the traditional exploitation systems of the Cantabrian Mountains and encourages the exchange of experiences among farmers through social networks.

“Agroberry” is a family business, located in Almendra del Pan (Zamora), specialized in the production of blackberry, as an alternative crop in a cereal area. It has introduced the irrigation in a dry area to develop the cultivation of this fruit in the northern area of ​​Spain and without cover, which promotes the improvement of the tourist attraction of its rural environment and diversification in the local economy.


Located in Romanos (Zaragoza), “Residencia Campo Romanos” aims to facilitate the elderly people of the region who can continue living in their villages. They offer a comprehensive service, from home help, telecare, transport, cleaning, advice for adapting the home to dependents, to day centers and fixed residential places. In addition, it contributes to the incorporation and labor insertion of women in rural areas.

The “Camporal” initiative is a company formed by two farming sisters in Almodóvar del Campo (Ciudad Real) who have developed technological solutions for the management of extensive livestock farms. These are two tools, the livestock agendas and a mobile application for cattle and sheep in extensive, that allow farmers to collect and manage the data of their farm more effectively and communicate the data that are required by the Administration.


“El Forcat” is a radio and television program specializing in agriculture, fishing and food that is broadcast within the news of “Al Día” of TV Mediterranean, which, in particular, disseminate the work of rural women and the role of women in the rural area and that can be tuned in Gestiona Radio Valencia.

The jury has recognized “Surco y Marea” for giving voice to rural women in Andalusia. It is a monographic radio program on agriculture and fishing that is broadcast weekly in Cadena Ser Andalucía and is developed in a decentralized manner from Cádiz and Córdoba.


The honorary prize “Extraordinary Innovation of Rural Women” has gone to Jerónima Bonafé, president of the Association of Women of Agri-food Cooperatives of Spain (AMCAE) and Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias de Baleares.

This award has been organized outside the competitive competition regime and recognizes its trajectory in the cooperative field, by encouraging women members to play a more active role and to lead, in the business life of cooperatives, the necessary changes in mentality in the improvement of their participation in these companies in rural areas.


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