The IRTA Porcine Database serves the Colombian producer sector


The BDporc, the Porcine Database of the Institute of Research and Technology Agro-food (IRTA) of the Catalan Autonomous Government, will serve the Colombian pork industry, according to the agreement signed by the Executive President of the Colombian Association of Porcult Farmers PORKCOLOMBIA), Carlos Alberto Maya Calle, and the general director of IRTA, Josep M. Monfort.

The BDporc is currently a database and a service for the Spanish pork sector (BDporc Spain) and Portuguese (BDporc Portugal) that provides reference information to pig production companies as a tool to aid decision making.

With the signing of this agreement, the members of PORKCOLOMBIA will periodically send the production data of their farms to the BDporc system, to receive the respective individual and comparative reports

On the other hand, with the creation of the BDporc in Colombia, the first step is also taken for an upcoming celebration of the Porc d’Or Awards in that country, as it has been done this year in Portugal (the Golden Pigs), the Last June.

There are already 3 countries where the BDporc system has been implemented in pig production: Spain, Portugal and Colombia

Source: IRTA

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