The director of Rural Banking of Globalcaja highlights “the good side of the CAP”, in the Olive Oil Fair of Mora


The director of Rural Banking at Globalcaja, Alberto Marcilla, gave a talk on “The good side of the CAP”, within the framework of the Olive Oil Fair, which took place in the Toledo town of Mora.

Marcilla carried out an analysis of the successive reforms of the CAP up to the current situation, in order to know the keys to the next reform of 2020 and the challenges facing the sector. The director of Rural Banking emphasized the importance of speaking well of the agricultural sector, of the work of farmers and ranchers and of the positive aspect of the CAP for the development of our region, “because it is also a modern sector, competitive and market-oriented “.

In his conference he also addressed chapte rs such as the proposals that exist in relation to the aforementioned reform of the CAP. the times, the brexit, etc.


➡️The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fair of Mora, this year will be a reference for environmental recovery

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