The Council of Ministers regulates subsidies to promote entrepreneurship and the participation of rural women

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The Council of Ministers has approved, at the proposal of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, a royal decree establishing the regulatory bases for the granting of grants to entities of rural women at the national level, to boost the role of women in rural development for the call for 2018.

Its objective is to promote the organization of seminars that promote entrepreneurship and the incorporation of women into the economic activity of the rural environment, which disseminate the opportunities offered by the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for the incorporation of young women into the activity agrarian, that disseminate the shared ownership of farms and that promote women’s access to the governing bodies of agricultural professional organizations, cooperatives and other entities related to agricultural activity and rural development.

Entities that are legally constituted as associative entities of rural women of national scope and registered in the corresponding national public register of associations of the Ministry of the Interior will be eligible for these grants. The beneficiary entities must also have no profit motive and will have to carry out activities in at least three autonomous communities.

In order for the activities to be eligible, they must be face-to-face and have a minimum duration of 4 hours of theory or daily practices, and at least 70% of the days must be held from Monday to Friday. In addition, the number of attendees may not be less than 15 people and at least 80% of those attending the project must be women.

The amount of the aid will be set in the calls published, under the budget of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.


The entities of rural women participate as interlocutors of the permanent dialogue to configure their role in the rural development policy, as well as in a general planning of the rural economy for the benefit of the general interest. They also provide support and assistance in the design of policies related to rural development women and their consideration in national policies and are agents in the territory.

For this reason, the royal decree adopted today aims to promote specific activities in relation to the female role in the economic development of rural areas and, specifically, with agrarian and rural development activities that can be accessed under conditions of equality between men and women. For this it is necessary to carry out actions that promote knowledge and awareness of the inhabitants of the whole territory.


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