The Chilean exports of blueberries of this campaign account for around 46,000 tons


The 2017/18 campaign of blueberries from Chile, is already 45% complete and has been characterized by favorable weather conditions. To date, Chilean exports of this red fruit are close to 46,000 tons, registering the highest weekly dispatch in the history of this industry when, during week 51, 11,575 tons were shipped.

According to the Committee of Cranberries of Chile, the season is progressing normally, very different from what happened last season when the harvest was several weeks ahead, causing complications in the markets of destination.

During week 52, the last of December, according to the Crop Report delivered by the Committee, 9,600 tons were exported, and it is estimated that shipments will remain around 9 thousand tons in the coming weeks.

The US market continues to be the main destination for Chilean blueberries and, so far this season, has already received 55% of shipments of this product. They are followed by Europe with 25% and Asia with 16%

Regarding organic production, variable that is being followed for the first time in the Crop Report, in week 52, 411 tons were exported, adding 2,630 tons so far this season. This gives a current participation of 6%, which should continue to increase as the organic gardens of the La Araucanía regions to the south begin to harvest.

Source: Blueberries Chile


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