The banana sector “reviews and reviews” the European Union’s financial project for agricultural aid

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Representatives of the European Banana and Banana Producers Association (APEB) have met in Paris to review and review the latest actions developed at European level with the European Commission with regard to budgets within the framework of the POSEI.

This meeting was attended by the Deputy Minister of Primary Sector of the Government of the Canary Islands, Abel Morales, as well as a representation of the Government of the Canary Islands in Brussels, with the aim of exposing the steps that the sector has taken in recent months, and intensified in the last weeks, in the face of the negotiations on the future 2021-2027 Multiannual Financial Framework of the European Union and with insufficient perspectives for the needs of the agricultural sector of the ORs.

This work of the APEB has been developed both with the European Commission, specifically with the Directorates General of Regional Policy and Agriculture, as well as with the Presidency of the European Union, in order to ensure the financial statement that affects all agricultural sectors of the Ultraperipheral Regions (RUP).

Community banana producers have shown the importance of the specific needs of the ORs, the social and economic implications of agricultural activity on the islands, and have reminded the European Commission itself of the conclusions of the latest impact reports on the suitability and necessity POSEI, as well as, in fact, its current deficit situation given the need for state aid to complement it.

Predictably at the end of this month the European Commission will make public the first budget proposal, after an initial orientation of cutting.

For this reason, the APEB has intensified contact with the presidency of the European Commission, with the aim of asserting the public and institutional commitment made by President Jean-Claude Juncker in French Guiana to continue with the POSEI programs. for agriculture and its objective of not reducing them or correcting them downwards.

Likewise, the APEB has recalled its confidence that the European Parliament supports its position in defense of the entire agricultural POSEI, since on March 14 it requested an increase in the POSEI file, arguing “the need to continue the measures for the that production is maintained in sectors vital to vulnerable areas, reform the reserve of the agricultural crisis, increase financing in line with the responses to the different cyclical crises in sensitive sectors, in order to create new instruments that can mitigate the volatility of prices and increase funding for POSEI programs.

Any reduction of the financial statement under the POSEI that would affect the agricultural sectors of the ORs would condemn the maintenance of the outermost productions.


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