The healthy values ​​of the EVOO and its application in international gastronomy center the Gourmet Area of ​​the WOOE

The healthy character of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and its versatility in international kitchens will be the protagonists of the Gourmet Area at the World Olive Oil Exhibition, the largest monographic meeting dedicated to olive oil, which will celebrate its seventh edition on the 21st and March 22nd at IFEMA-Madrid. Chef Kike Piñeiro has devised a menu to explore different cuisines of the world and demonstrate the versatility of this emblematic product of Spanish cuisine. Through breakfast, appetizer, lunch and dinner, they will show how healthy it is to have this ingredient at any time of the day.

WOOE: Area Gourmet with olive oil as an excuse

The Gourmet Area of ​​the Wolrd Olive Oil Exhibition (WOOE) celebrates its fifth edition with a menu to feel and enjoy the olive oil with the five senses. The wooe turns five with Kike Piñeiro in front of Gourmet Area. Olive oil will be responsible for stimulating, one by one, the five senses through the menu "AOVE with the five senses." Delicatessen with Olive Oil will feature more than 150 products of 50 companies.