The US confirms the tariffs and Asemesa asks the EU to take the case to the WTO

The US International Trade Commission (USITC) has formally published its final resolution regarding the impact of imports of black olive from Spain on the California producing sector. As it happened in the preliminary ruling of early August of last year, the USITC has affirmatively decided to conclude that imports of Spanish laws cause harm in that sector.

Sánchez Haro participates in the conference 'Present and future of agriculture in the Bajo Andarax' organized by COAG

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Rodrigo Sánchez Haro, has participated in Almería in the day 'Present and future of agriculture in the Lower Andarax' organized by COAG, in which he reiterated that "the transfers are, day Today, a need to ensure irrigation in the field, although the future is through the use of reclaimed and desalinated water. For the representative of the Andalusian Government, "it is not a question that we can choose, it is a matter of necessity because we have to guarantee the water security of our farmers". Likewise, it has recognized that regenerated and desalinated waters open an "important field of work, in which we have to move forward. I really believe that there is the future. " During his speech, Sanchez Haro has reported that the Ministry returned to make, yesterday, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food "the demands that we have been making from Andalusia on water." Among these, the Board's claim to lower the price of desalinated water -0.30 euros per cubic meter maximum- for Andalusian farmers has stood out. In addition, he has again raised the need for a "shock plan for the optimization of desalination for the Mediterranean, the creation of a working group and the establishment of a calendar to prioritize and coordinate actions in the field of pending hydraulic infrastructures" . "The change of central government does not stop the priority issues for our land, quite the opposite," said the head of Andalusian Agriculture, which stressed that for this type of problem solutions are needed to ensure the production of farmers and to achieve them we must collaborate together. " In this regard, he recalled the aid that the Board has made available to the Andalusian agri-food sector for investments in irrigation: more than 66 million, to which we will add another 43 million euros this year, which will include specific lines to take advantage of reclaimed water. During his speech, the counselor praised the commitment of farmers in the area of ​​Bajo Andarax for organic production, both in citrus and protected crops. "Organic production is not the only productive system that measures the degree of sustainability of agriculture in this territory, which also puts into practice integrated production and biological control of pests." The future CAP Likewise, Sánchez Haro has once again insisted on the need to maintain a common position among all the provinces and the entire Andalusian agri-food sector in defense of the future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). "From the Ministry we will work to achieve it, since we are aware that a strong CAP is essential to promote a diverse agriculture and a live rural environment". For this, he recalled that from Andalusia "we support the central government is firm and forceful in defending the budget, for which the European Commission proposed a cut of 16% that comes to delve into the 1.052 million euros that we have already lost in the current frame ". "We want a communitarian agrarian policy that maintains the support to the pluriactivos farmers, that is designed with perspective of gender to construct a more egalitarian sector, that includes a maximum limitation to the aids distributing the detraído amount between small and average exploitations of the same region ", it is finished.

COAG states that the cuts in the CAP proposed by the EU would mean a real loss of 17% of aid for farmers

The Coordinator of Organizations of Farmers and Cattle Ranchers (COAG) considers "unacceptable" the 5% cut in the budget of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) announced by the European Commission in the proposal of community financial perspectives for 2021-2027. If we take into account inflation throughout the budget period, we estimate a real loss of 16.6% of the aid received by farmers, as reflected in the comparative analysis prepared by the COAG Technical Services.

The filtration of a tree of the new PAC generates great doubts among farmers and ranchers

The Union of Small Farmers and Cattle Ranchers has shown its uncertainty about the important reforms that the European Commission is proposing in its draft new Common Agricultural Policy. Although they recognize that the debate on the future CAP "has only just begun", it does seem that Brussels intends to design a more decentralized CAP, more audited and revised and greener. "Of course it does not seem that they intend to make life easier for the recipients, but complicate things even more," they say.

Portugal will hold the World Olive Oil Summit congress for the first time

Portugal will host for the first time the World Olive Oil Summit, a new international forum for the olive sector that will be held on June 7 and 8, 2018, wheres Santarém will be the hostess. This event, that will celebrate with the main thematic “Olive and Oil”, will be held at the National Exhibition Center .

EU: Hogan advocates prioritizing support for young farmers in the new CAP

The European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, Phil Hogan, has advocated prioritizing support for young farmers in the new CAP, during the debate on the future of Agriculture and Food, which took place on February 12th in Seville with about a hundred citizens. In this event commemorating the 40th anniversary of ASAJA Sevilla, and held in the Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses of Seville (FIBES), the MEP of the group of Socialists and Democrats, Clara Aguilera and the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment, Isabel García Tejerina.

Juan Marín relieves Jorge Brotons as president of Eucofel

The candidate of FEPEX, Juan Marín, was elected last December 5, in Brussels, president of the European Association of the Trade of Fruits and Vegetables of the EU, EUCOFEL, taking over from the current president of FEPEX, Jorge Brotons.

USA: Asemesa warns that the investigation against the Spanish olive question the EU aid system

The Association of Exporters and Industrialists of Table Olives (ASEMESA) warns that the investigation of the Department of Commerce of the United States against the black olive of Spanish table question the system of aid of the European Union, and could have far-reaching consequences for all the agricultural sector of the EU.

US punishes with tariffs the Spanish export of table olives

The latest measure by the Donald Trump government to protect its agro-food productions to the detriment of international trade has been a severe blow to the Spanish table olive sector, whose exports will be taxed with a tariff. The first reactions to a measure that had been brewing since this summer, when Californian olive-table companies filed a complaint against the Spanish olive, accusing it of unfair competition, have not been delayed. Thus, the Union of Small Farmers and Cattle Ranchers (UPA) urges the EU to express itself immediately and forcefully against this "illegal and unjust" tariff, which will represent a commercial barrier of between 2 and 7%.

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World Olive Oil Summit (WOOS). Santarém

Portugal will host for the first time the World Olive Oil Exhibition, a new international forum for the olive sector that will be held on June 7 and 8, 2018 at the National Exhibition Center in Santarém