The forgotten ones of the CAP

In spite of what it may seem, not all crops or producers receive direct aid, before single payment aid, from the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in Spain. In the payments of almost 4,940 million euros that will be paid this campaign in the autonomous communities as a whole, there will be leading sectors with a clear export vocation that will receive almost no direct subsidies from the Community Agrarian Policy. If we analyze them in order of economic importance, we have most of the vegetables and fruits, except for citrus fruits whose producers do charge but little in proportion to others, where no direct assistance from the CAP is perceived. The exception to citrus fruits are those surfaces of fruit and vegetables that come from the decoupling of old processing aids, nuts or beneficiaries who grew fruits and vegetables and other PAC crops.

Jorge Aguilar: "The Phylgreen Chair is a training and information tool that helps us get closer to the farmer"

Tradecorp is a company of Spanish origin that in recent years has been steadily in the field of biostimulants and micronutrients, with a presence in more than 70 countries. The keys to its spectacular growth and international expansion in recent years are, among others, its strategic commitment to innovation, which aims to respond to the increasingly growing demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly products, and for the transfer of knowledge and the results of their studies to the farmer. This is how the Phylgreen Chair was born, an initiative with which it intends to disclose to the producer the results of its laboratory research, fostering this commitment and its proximity to the agricultural sector. From this and many other concerns, we spoke with the Marketing Director of Tradecorp Phytonutrients, Jorge Aguilar.