Socialist MEPs denounce possible CETA’s failure to eliminate tariffs on European wine


The Spanish Socialist MEPs, Clara Aguilera and Inmaculada Rodríguez-Piñero, have presented a question to the European Commission, regarding a possible infringement by Canada in compliance with the CETA, with regard to the abolition of tariffs on European wine. Thus, in their request, they ask the Commission if they can confirm in writing that Canada complies, within the framework of the CETA free trade agreement, with the limitation of the “off-site winery retail stores” and if it has abolished the application of tariffs. residuals to European wine.

As stated in the letter presented by both MEPs, “the CETA came into force provisionally on 09/21/17 and a series of commercial preferences should already be applied in favor of our wines. However, the European sector is detecting irregularities, including measures, which aggravate the discrimination of European wines“.

The question sent to the Commission also states that neither Ontario nor Quebec have yet established the COSD format by “liter rate” on the part of the Liquor Boards, due to computer problems, and do not expect to do so until April 2018. This sense is raised if said fact would constitute a breach of the provisions set forth in CETA and what the Commission intends to do to ensure compliance with the COSD format by all Liquor Boards.

“In addition – adds the writing -, the imported wines are subject to a federal special tax that, according to the 2017-2018 Budget, will rise 2% and will increase annually according to inflation. Does the Commission consider that this measure infringes provisions of the WTO and the CETA?

Source: Socialists in the European Parliament

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