Reposition the wooden container in supermarkets

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Interview with Alberto Palmí, Managing Director of FEDEMCO. By Judit Cortés.

ECA FRUIT: What challenges and purposes has FEDEMCO made for the coming months?

We want to make known what we do in FEDEMCO and promote our packaging. But the main challenge now is to reappear in the supermarket shelves, where before it was very normal to find a wooden container. The intention is to generate as little work as possible for the supermarket, that is why we are orienting them towards the sales unit. That is, wooden containers of less than 3.5 kg, which the consumer can take home and take advantage of these by giving them a second use, to contribute as always to environmental sustainability.

ECA FRUIT: What are the latest advances in wood packaging?

The wooden container is continuously advancing. Around us there are countless companies that dedicate themselves with nothing to research and to provide us with the best technologies, making wooden packaging the best of all packaging. Now we bet on the unitary sale packaging, 100% sustainable, recyclable, biodegradable and oriented to the consumer, so that once at home it can be reused.

ECA FRUIT: What is the level of commitment of the sector to the environment?

In FEDEMCO the commitment is 100% with mother nature, we take care of it and we pamper it. Nowadays, concepts such as the sustainability that we have been applying for many years now are very fashionable, I would say always. Our sector is aware that we depend on the environment to continue existing and to grow, which is why the care has always been the highest, it is now when many sectors are applying premises in their day to day that for us are something innate, something own, something that we have been doing forever.

ECA FRUIT: What advantages do you think the congresses bring to the sector, such as INTERPAL or FEFPEB?

At FEDEMCO we are integrated through GROW INT, our European pa tronal. In addition, I am a member of the executive committee of FEFPEB representing that employer. Our natural market and that of our clients is Europe, so being in this type of events and organizations makes us aware of the trends and innovations of the sector. Although it is necessary to emphasize that Spain marks tendency as far as all po of wooden packing.

“We bet on the unitary packaging, 100% sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable”.

ECA FRUIT: How do you assess the new EU standard against single-use plastics?

In our view, it was time, but it falls short. Usually legislation is passed when there is already a problem and that legislation is always aimed at tackling it. It has taken too long to react, taking into account that the Plastic Lobby is very powerful worldwide. However, public awareness is very important. We understand that the rule goes to plastic should be more restrictive and taxes much higher, and not accuse the citizen of something that is not their responsibility.

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