III International Congress of Red Fruits. Huelva



21 June, 2017

Palacio de Congresos Casa Colón. Huelva

The Conference Center of Casa Colón de Huelva will host from June 21 to 22 the Third International Congress of Red Fruits, organized by Freshuelva, as an association that brings together the largest percentage of producers and exporters of red fruits and companies with more dimension and Activity within this sector and in charge of preparing the content proposal of the same. An event that will meet the representatives of the red fruit sector, the companies that make up the production and commercialization of these crops, as well as those that provide services or distribute products of application and direct use in this activity.

Consolidated as the most important meeting jointly celebrated by the berries sector of the European Union, the third edition of the Red Fruit Congress will be structured in four areas of activities:

  • Palacio de Congresos, which will host an official program of conferences, presentations and round tables whose content has been designed by Freshuelva and will revolve around the most interesting and interesting topics related to this sector of agricultural activity, such as markets, marketing, Environmental sustainability, the development of new varieties or the nutritional value of berries. Likewise, the III Congress of Red Fruits will give the opportunity to know the situation of the sector of berries in producing zones like Peru and France.
  • The Presentations space that develops a parallel program of presentations and commercial presentations.
  • Exhibition areas and commercial stands where companies show their products and services.
  • An area of meetings and business meetings. Precisely, this year we should especially highlight the growth in the number of companies present in the exhibition space and stands. In this sense the third edition of the Congress will have new spaces to make possible the participation of more companies.

The International Congress of Red Fruits also counts on the institutional collaboration of the Huelva City Council and the Provincial Council of Huelva, as well as with the Exclusive Main Sponsorship of the Caja Rural del Sur.