I National Agricultural Fair of the states of the Duke (FERDUQUE). Malagón



23 June, 2017

The municipality of Malagón, in the province of Ciudad Real, hosts, from 23th to 25th June, the 1st National Agricultural Fair of the states of the Duke (FERDUQUE), a trade and professional fair around the agricultural sector, which also includes popular activities, Gastronomic and playful for all audiences. This important rural event is organized by the Commonwealth of Duke States (which integrate the municipalities of El Robledo, Fernán Caballero, Fuente el Fresno, Los Cortijos, Malagón and Porzuna) in collaboration with ASAJA, to value agriculture and Cattle raising as signs of identity of the region of the Duke, to involve the entire population in the conservation and promotion of both sectors and to publicize other activities related to them.

FERDUQUE is a great opportunity to put in value the enormous potential of the region of the States of the Duke, a historical territory with many singularities and enormous tourist attraction. Throughout its three days, the attending public will have the opportunity to enjoy a multitude of activities and discover the agricultural and livestock essence of a singular region, being the only one of all Spain located between two National Parks: Cabañeros Park and the Tables of Daimiel, and for having historical privileges related to the use of pasture and hunting, which were recognized in the Concordia Deed of 1552 and still valid as they are included in Law 5/80 approved by the Spanish Courts.

The region of the Duke is characterized by one of the highest densities of head of cattle per inhabitant (113,000 heads in total) and more than 40,000 hectares of pastures, grains, olive trees and vineyards, mainly of the more than 90,000 that occupy this territory

In addition, it houses an important agro-food industry with important factories of cheese, sausages, sweets, mills and wineries, which generate many jobs, direct and indirect.

FERDUQUE aims to consolidate itself as a national benchmark. In order to achieve this goal, the involvement of all the agents involved in this first edition is paramount. For all this, the Organizing Committee offers different forms of sponsorship and collaboration to those companies and entities interested in participating in this Fair and linking its image to this territory.