Olive production up to May surpasses the average, with a total of 1,279,500t


National olive production up to May exceeds the average of previous campaigns, with a total of 1,279,500 tonnes, according to data published by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment (MAPAMA) in the Oil Market Bulletin of olive for the month of May. This Bulletin analyzes the data provided by the Food Information and Control Agency (AICA) on 30th April, as well as the market situation, with an increase in available resources, despite the reduction of imports

The data also show a decline in marketing levels during the month of April, both in domestic consumption and in exports, however, the overall performance of the external outlets throughout the campaign makes it possible for the market total is still 12% above the previous season and 10% higher than the average.

The production of the 2016/17 campaign, which can practically be concluded, amounts to 1,279,500 t, which is 8% less than the previous one but 11% above the average of the previous four. The ground olive was 6,479,845 tons, with an average yield of 19.72%, 0.83 points below that of last season at the same dates.

On the other hand, imports have been reduced considerably, although the available resources are very similar to the previous campaigns. The estimates for the month of April, with provisional data, speak of about 63,600 tons.

As for the prices, they are higher than in previous campaigns to this date, although in the last week of May there has been a slight decrease. At the international level, the stability of the quotations is maintained, standing above those of our country in the case of extra virgin olive oil.

With regard to table olives, there was an overall decline in sales of 4.7%, affecting domestic trade to a greater extent, which has led to an increase in stocks

Exports, with provisional data for April, are estimated at 573,100 tonnes, an increase of 29% over the previous season and 20% compared to the average for the last four seasons. The average monthly output in this period was 81,870 tonnes

The apparent domestic market has reached 297,100 tonnes, down 10% from last year and -5% below the average of the previous four marketing years. The average monthly output in these seven months has been 42,440 tonnes.

Total marketing, which includes the apparent domestic market and exports, has reached 870,200 tonnes, an increase of 12% over the previous marketing year

The total volume of stocks is 803,900 tonnes, which represents a decrease of 6% compared to the average of the previous four seasons. In the oil mills, 576,500 tonnes are stored, which represents a decrease of 7% compared to the average of the previous four, in the Patrimonio Comunal Olivarero Foundation (FPCO) 8,000 tons, while in the bottlers, refineries and operators there are another 199,400 tons .

Table olive

The 2016/17 table olive season began with stocks at 1 September of 341,260 tonnes, up 17% on those of the previous season

Production was 595,290 tonnes, which represents a decrease of 1% compared to last season.

Total trade is 317,560 tonnes, 207,040 tonnes for export and 110,530 tonnes for the domestic market.

Overall marketing has decreased by 5% over the previous season

Stocks at 30 April are measured at 568,770 tonnes, which leads to a 7% increase over last season.

Source: MAPAMA


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