Manitou imparts technical training to Vamasa-Mateco


Manitou is making a strong commitment to training for the specialization of its customers and dealers. Although Manitou has always offered this service to its dealers, nowadays requests for training from large customers have increased, which has led to the updating of this service to respond to the new needs of greater specialization in equipment. that are distributed and / or rented.

The main objective of Manitou is that technicians can respond in the most appropriate and complete way to end users who acquire or rent machinery, to optimize their productivity and satisfy their interests in terms of profitability.

In addition to the dealers, Manitou now offers, as an added value to the sales service, training for large rental companies that need specialization for their technicians in the rental parks. This is the case of Vamasa-Mateco that last April received a second training on the operation and technical characteristics of their new equipment.

This specialized training was given by Florent Allaire, trainer of the Manitou group, and by Tony Do Vale at the Vamasa facilities. After the success of the three-day training on the MT 14/18 Easy to nine technicians from all over the country carried out in previous months, this time a course was given to a second group of eight technicians for the specialization in the AETJ platforms.

Asamblea 5 al Día 2019. ENG

The Management of Vamasa-Mateco has been very satisfied with the days where they could perform group dynamics in which to put in common and resolve doubts about problems, knowledge and experiences, after deepening the study of the electronics and hydraulics of our machines.


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