Latin America: Innovation and sustainability, economic centers for the development of agriculture

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Under the IX International Forum on innovation for sustainable agriculture in Latin America, renowned speakers will talk about the economic challenges of the region and innovation as an essential way for development.

CropLife Latin America, an organization that brings industry crop sciences, with the support of the Chamber of Agricultural Health and Fertilizers CASAFE, held for the first time in Argentina, the ninth international forum dedicated to agriculture. The event will take place on April 12 between 8 and 15hs at the Hilton Puerto Madero Hotel.
The Forum seeks to create spaces for reflection that contribute to the development of agriculture in Latin America and its role will be consolidated as supplier of food for the world, in a context of productivity and sustainability, said Jose Perdomo, Executive President of CropLife LatinAmerica. We have a first block of lectures on the current economic scenario, innovation, and the importance of technology in agriculture. Then we will have a panel or roundtable discussion on agricultural practices that contribute to progress towards a more sustainable agriculture, with less environmental footprint, Perdomo said.

Among the exhibitors are Ramiro Albrieu, researcher at the Center for Study of State and Society (CEDES) who will analyze the economic prospects of the region; Luigi Valdés, biochemical and renowned Mexican speaker engineer, will speak about innovation in times of crisis, and how such situations can become an opportunity, Jose Perdomo, Executive President of CropLife Latin America, it will focus on the importance of innovation in agriculture to ensure food needed to supply 9,000 million people expected to be in the world by 2050.

Towards agricultural sustainability

Among the cases of agricultural practices that will present sustainable aero-agricultural certificate is driven in Brazil with a partnership between academia, authorities, companies fumigation, phytosanitary manufacturers and farmers stands. Soil policy of Uruguay, a pioneer in the world because it ensures mitigation and soil protection as a nonrenewable resource is another example of Latin American initiatives aimed at sustainable agriculture. Biological beds, an innovative and inexpensive to protect soil and water born in Sweden and is now in full development and adoption in different parts of the world technology, is the third case to be exposed. Argentina finally makes possible Good Agricultural Practices Network in which 43 entities involved and five founding consultants, is an example of teamwork and inter-institutional dialogue.

All are individual cases that can be replicated throughout the region and aimed at improving productivity in a sustainable manner, emphasized the president of CropLife Latin America.

The forum expects this year with the participation of approximately 70 guests from different countries in Latin America and 200 local guests. The experience developed in 2015 took place in Chile where managers agrochemical sector associations from 18 countries in Latin America and Latin American executives of major companies investing in Research and Development met.

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Source: CropLife LatinAmerica

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