Kubota will invest 55 million euros in the new European R & D center for tractors


To continue with the growth of Kubota in Europe, the Kubota Corporation has announced that it will invest 55 million euros in a new R & D center in Europe. The new facilities will be located in Crépy-en-Valois, France and will be fully operational by 2020.

Kubota Corporation continues to invest heavily in its expansion across Europe and will now invest in a new R & D center that will be the Engineering Competency Center for the agricultural tractor market, supporting all tractor research activities in the region of Europe.

By establishing this R & D Center in Europe, incorporating engineering and validation equipment, Kubota will develop state-of-the-art technology for its new models and will thus meet the requirements of European farmers while maintaining the company’s DNA: reliability, ease of use and the best cost of ownership.

As part of the globalization process, the intention of the Kubota company is to promote the development of its products, an objective aligned with its desire to adapt to the specific needs of the markets in which it is located. The new center will play a vital role in this process and for Kubota to further develop agricultural machinery in a personalized way to achieve efficient and effective work in all types of local crops, regardless of the different working conditions and processes of the countryside.

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Kubota, currently present in 110 countries, aims to continue growing internationally, and with this last investment will accelerate its expansion and growth. Since Kubota Holding Europe BV was launched in 2017, the company has consolidated its corporate identity in Europe thanks to its employees, who by synchronizing processes and procedures have achieved a uniform focus on how our business units work and provide the best services and products for your dealers and customers.

Tractor sales continued to grow in Europe during 2017 and its products have received prestigious awards and prizes in Europe, including the FIMA Technical Novelty Award for the autonomous tractor Agri Robo, and the Best Tractor Award in Spain in the category of ” special tractors “to model M5101 Narrow Advance Cab.


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