Kaki Persimon, a campaign marked by the increase in consumption and price recovery


The Kaki campaign – registered in the “Persimon®” brand registered by the Regulatory Council of the Protected Denomination of Origin Kaki Ribera del Xúquer is taking place with a significant increase in consumption, as a result of the promotion, which has facilitated the sale of the great offer of product from the end of October and beginning of November, making possible the recovery of prices and with this results acceptable for the producer.

Cirilo Arnandis, president of the PDO: “the main assets of this Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), and its brand” Persimon® “are its producers, the certified companies and cooperatives that market it, with more than 22 million of euros invested in the promotion in recent years”

For Arnandis, that promotional effort has allowed satisfactory results that, in a complicated year, have been more palpable since they have contributed to maintain acceptable levels of profitability for the productions and producers covered under the trademark “Persimon®”.

And, indeed, in this campaign two very different realities have coexisted in the market, the market recognition of the quality of the “Persimon®” brand of the PDO and its trading companies and the rest of the unprotected production put into the market.

According to the president of the PDO, competing for differentiation and guaranteeing price to the farmer has been the main objective of the PDO kaki of the Ribera del Xúquer, “an achievement that we have achieved through the continuous commitment to innovation and maintain and enhance the mentioned promotion campaigns, thanks to which the consumer knows and chooses the product labeled with the Persimon brand “.

Among the new challenges that the PDO has proposed in the short and medium term, Arnandis emphasizes as a priority the value of the health and kaki binomial, “which will also allow us to increase our added value”

In this sense, he gives as an example a recent research, the first in depth on this fruit, made by a team of researchers from the University of Jerusalem, which concludes that consuming a kaki a day helps to prevent the risk of heart attack.

According to this study, kakis contain a significantly higher concentration of dietary fiber, minerals and phenolic compounds. All of them are vital to fight atherosclerosis that blocks the arteries, being the main causes of heart diseases, heart attacks and cardiovascular accidents.

“Of course it is excellent news that supports and reinforces the new objective that we have proposed since the PDO that now also happens in our communication strategy, to make these properties known; thus the binomial health and kaki will be one of our properties “.

Source: Kaki Kaki Persimon® D.O.P Ribera del Xúquer

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