INTERPORC closes the campaign in Spain of the ‘PORK LOVERS TOUR 2018’

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“The Spanish pig sector has undergone a profound transformation in the last decades that has led it to become, on its own merits, one of the great international leaders, and now faces the challenge of strengthening that leadership through some pillars among which they emphasize innovation, sustainability or respect for animal welfare. ” This was stated this morning in Madrid by the director of the Interprofessional of Porcino de Capa Blanca (INTERPORC), Alberto Herranz, at the presentation of the closing of the campaign in Spain of the ‘PORK LOVERS TOUR 2018’, the largest itinerant action of promotion carried out out in the Spanish meat sector.

In statements to the media after the event, in which he was accompanied by José Miguel Herrero, general director of the Food Industry of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Herranz explained that pig farms in our country “are an example of what is known as a ‘modern livestock’ and work under the most demanding production model in the world. In addition, they are leaders in innovation and work under the binomial “reduce-reuse”.

As a result, added the director of INTERPORC, in recent years, among other improvements, the pig sector has managed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 22% and the use of water per kilogram of meat produced by 30%. Likewise, he pointed out, the sector has implemented a new slurry management regulation that reduces nitrates by 30% and that also means an efficient management since they will be applied directly to the ground, with burial.

With regard to animal welfare, he highlighted that Spanish pig farms were the first to comply 100% with European animal welfare regulations, investing more than 1,000 million euros to improve the conditions of our livestock. “The professionals of the swine sector are the first to be interested in providing the greatest care and attention to animals, since their better quality of life translates into a higher quality of products for consumers.”


Connect consumers, food and production sector

For his part, the general director of the Food Industry, José Miguel Herrero, has advanced that one of the main challenges that is raised from the ministry is “to strengthen the contact between consumers, food and the form of production so that they know the work done by the producer sector. Not in vain, the pig is a leading sector whose importance is strategic for Spain and as such should be known by all.

In this sense, he pointed out that the role of promotional campaigns such as PORK LOVERS, are key to publicize the origin of the products, their production process and their nutritional qualities, “that is why from the Ministry we are the first interested in giving support for these initiatives. ”

So much so that, as explained by Herrero, Spain is the second country in the European Union, only behind France, which receives European funds for food promotion, “although our challenge is to be the first, in recent years we have multiplied by two the number of programs specifically aimed at promoting our food products. ”

11,000 people and 87 groups visit ‘PORK LOVERS TOUR’

Sustainability in the pig sector has also had a prominent presence in the second stage of the PORK LOVERS TOUR, “since last year there were many citizens and consumers who asked us about issues related to the production process as a whole.” For this reason, “the citizens who have approached the bus have received complete information about the whole process from farm to table”, explained the director of INTERPORC International, Daniel de Miguel.

As for the results of the campaign, even without the data from the United Kingdom, De Miguel has advanced that the mobile unit has visited 28 cities of 11 autonomous communities, where it has received the visit of 87 groups and 11,000 people, who have participated in the different activities carried out around the nutritional benefits and the quality of the products of the white pig, from fun workshops to nutritional advice, show cookings or tastings of product or demonstrations of cut of ham.

In addition to this direct impact, the echo in the media has resulted in the publication of more than 100 news items in the press, radio and television, which have reached an audience of 8.6 million people.


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