EU: the agreement with Mercosur would cause losses in livestock of 2,700 million per year

The free trade agreement between the EU-Mercosur, which is currently immersed in the sixth round of negotiations, would have a very negative impact on 20% of our final livestock production, causing losses of 2,700 million euros per year. This is reflected in the Impact Study prepared by the COAG Technical Services based on the official data to which this organization has had access on the main concessions that are considered during the rounds of negotiations.

EU: the Spanish field breathes, after authorizing the Commission the use of glyphosate for five more years

The Spanish countryside breathes easy, after meeting on November 28th the decision of the European Commission to finally authorize, for five more years, the use of the glyphosate herbicide. Gone are two years of negotiations and extensions that has had our agricultural sector in suspense, since, Spain would have been the country that would have been harmed the most, if the pressures for its prohibition have prospered, as it is assured from the agrarian union UPA. For its part, the ALAS alliance, which integrates UPA and ASAJA, Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias de España, FEPEX, and the Spanish Association of Conservation Agriculture / Living Soils, appreciates that the official scientific agencies of the EU have been heard. endorse the use of this product, although it regrets that the renewal has not been for the fifteen years allowed by the regulations.
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US punishes with tariffs the Spanish export of table olives

The latest measure by the Donald Trump government to protect its agro-food productions to the detriment of international trade has been a severe blow to the Spanish table olive sector, whose exports will be taxed with a tariff. The first reactions to a measure that had been brewing since this summer, when Californian olive-table companies filed a complaint against the Spanish olive, accusing it of unfair competition, have not been delayed. Thus, the Union of Small Farmers and Cattle Ranchers (UPA) urges the EU to express itself immediately and forcefully against this "illegal and unjust" tariff, which will represent a commercial barrier of between 2 and 7%.
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Consumption and new trends in the distribution of fruits and vegetables

The distribution sector in Spain is very different from what happens in the rest of the European Union where large chains control over 90% of agri-food. Aldi, Socomo (subsidiary purchases of fruit and vegetables Carrefour), Lidl, Auchan-Alcampo, Edeka in Germany and Tesco in the United Kingdom are some of the owners of the distribution of the fresh in Europe, as is Mercadona in Spain, although not in the same proportion because the distribution is much more balanced than in the rest of European markets.