Interfresa repeats its solidarity initiative “Campanadas con fresas”, in favor of the Association for the Fight against Cancer

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The Interprofessional Association of the Strawberry Andalusian (Interfresa) repeats this year its solidarity initiative ‘Campanadas con fresas’, in favor of the Spanish Association for the Fight against Cancer (AECC), with which it is expected to achieve a greater economic contribution for this organization . In three days, 12,000 cartridges will be distributed in twelve towns in Huelva province, to celebrate with this fruit the entry of the new year. In the words of the manager of Interfresa, Pedro Marín, this initiative had already last year national echo to the point that from cities such as Madrid, Barcelona or Bilbao have received requests to do it this year. But despite the high demand, from the Interprofessional can not commit to have the quantities of strawberries needed.

The second edition of the initiative ‘Campanadas con fresas’ has been presented by the president of Interfresa, José Luis García-Palacios Álvarez, together with the manager of AECC in Huelva, Felisa Gimeno, and the presidents of CECA Comercio Huelva, Antonio Gemio Gallego, and from the Centro Comercial Calles del Centro, Juan Carlos Moral Hernández, business organizations that on December 31 will collaborate in the distribution of the cartridges with strawberries and will collect donations that are voluntarily contributed, even in the stores of the center of Hueva .

Presentation of the initiative.

According to the manager of Interfresa, the strawberries that are going to be distributed this year have been contributed by producers and marketers who are part of the Interprofessional, so that they can welcome the new year and at the same time financially support the actions of the AECC. The own manager in Huelva of this organization has informed that with the obtained funds the home assistance will be reinforced to the patients and to the investigation activities that are carried out to be able to obtain better treatments against the illness.

All the organizations involved in this initiative have expressed the importance of collaborating economically in the fight against this disease. To do this, in each of the stands that are mounted in the strawberries villages will be members of the Local Board of the Association Against Cancer.

Among the novelties of the solidarity action this year is that the cartridge has been designed by the viñetista José Manuel Esteban, better known as ‘Esteban’, and in it is explained in a simple way how to prepare the strawberries on the stick to meet on time with the twelve chimes. Also for those people who collaborate financially, a red solidarity bracelet donated by the Caja Rural del Sur Foundation will be delivered.

The delivery of the first cartridges will be made on December 29th, in the morning in Almonte and Bollullos and in the afternoon in Rociana, Lucena and Bonares. It will continue on the 30th in Palos, Moguer, Lepe and Cartaya and will conclude the morning of December 31st in Huelva, San Bartolomé and La Redondela

In the capital is going to have the support of the shops of Huelva center, which will be open on this Sunday, and the cartridges can be collected in them and also make an economic contribution in the piggy banks of the AECC.

Interfresa, established in 2006 and currently chaired by José Luis García Palacios-Álvarez, is the first agricultural interprofessional organization in Andalusia and is composed of several representative associations of the strawberry sector (Asaja Huelva, Freshuelva and Agri-food Cooperatives of Andalusia-Huelva). In the province of Huelva in particular is, in an environment of just over 35 kilometers around, virtually all of the production of strawberries, a collection task, with early varieties, which has already begun despite the storm some days ago. Through Interfresa, therefore, the sector shares the same problems, so this union allows us to move forward with the idea of ​​reaching common objectives.

Source: Interfresa


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