MEAT ATRACTION presents its second edition in Guijuelo

The Commercial Manager of MEAT ATTRACTION, Almudena de Castro, and the Secretary of the National Association of Meat Industries of Spain, Miguel Huerta, presented to the meat sector of Salamanca the second edition of the Meat Sector Fair, organized by IFEMA and its own ANICE, from September 18 to 20, at the Feria de Madrid. The meeting, which was attended by more than 15 businessmen from the area, took place in Guijuelo, where Iberian ham has a special role.

The president of FINUT reiterates the importance of dairy products on World Milk Day

Proteins are one of the pillars of nutrition. The body needs to be facilitated through food because it can not generate them by itself. The quantity to be supplied varies according to the needs of each organism. Children in the growth phase, pregnant women or athletes are among the groups with the greatest need for them, although they are also necessary in cases like our elders, since it is an essential element for a good general functioning of our organism, at any age and in any situation.

SOLUNION supports the Spanish olive sector

SOLUNION, the expert company in credit and precaution insurance, accompanies the companies of the olive sector in the I Meeting of Directors of the Olive Sector, "Foreign Trade of Olive Oil", which will take place on May 24 in Baeza.

The Fair of Montoro last the preparations for its celebration

The Olive Fair finalizes the preparations for its celebration highlighting a strong international character in its 19th edition. Just two days after its inauguration, the Diputación de Córdoba has hosted the official presentation of this biennial event at a press conference in which it praises Montoro as a world meeting point for professionals in the olive oil and olive oil sector.

The olive oil campaign closes in Spain with a figure equal to last year

The olive oil production campaign closes in Spain with 1,246,204 tons, a figure very similar to that of the previous year. In Jaen, the drop in oil produced was greater, by approximately 23%, with 386,434 tons compared to 505,000 tons last season. The outputs to the market last month are around 110,000 tons, while the monthly average marketing is 105,000 tons. The oil stocks are 912,000 tons, an amount with which, according to ASAJA-Jaén, there will be enough product to supply the market.

INNOLIVAR opens the deadline for the presentation of the candidatures of innovation olivar and of pre-commercial public purchase bidding

On May 4, the deadline for submitting proposals within the INNOLIVAR Precommercial Public Procurement Agreement, "Innovation and technology for a sustainable olive grove", began after the Pre-Market Consultation deadline and the administrative and technical specifications governing the process. There has been a delay due to its adaptation to the new Law on State Contracts. From that date until June 18 at 5:00 p.m., interested companies will have to submit electronically the necessary documentation so that their proposals are evaluated and, if applicable, they can be awarded one or several of the tendered lines. , in accordance with the provisions of its administrative and technical specifications.

The director of Rural Banking of Globalcaja highlights "the good side of the CAP", in the Olive Oil Fair of Mora

The director of Rural Banking at Globalcaja, Alberto Marcilla, gave a talk on "The good side of the CAP", within the framework of the Olive Oil Fair, which took place in the Toledo town of Mora.

The olive oil market reaches 1.229.200 tons of production

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment has published the olive oil market bulletin for April with data available at March 31, in which, with 1,229,200 tons, production is slightly above initial estimates.

Grupo Cajamar and ANICE sign an alliance to boost the competitiveness of the Spanish meat industry

The president of the National Association of Meat Industries of Spain (ANICE), Alberto Jiménez, and the president of Cajamar Caja Rural, Eduardo Baamonde, have signed a collaboration agreement to boost the competitiveness of the Spanish meat industry, offering financial solutions as they strengthen the internationalization, innovation, modernization and improvement of its more than 600 companies, from SMEs to large industrial groups that encompass all the activities of the meat sector chain: slaughterhouses and cutting rooms for pigs, cattle and sheep, factories of sausages and all kinds of processed, hams and Iberian products, among others.