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Olive production up to May surpasses the average, with a total of 1,279,500t

National olive production up to May exceeds the average of previous campaigns, with a total of 1,279,500 tonnes, according to data published by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment (MAPAMA) in the Oil Market Bulletin of olive for the month of May. This Bulletin analyzes the data provided by the Food Information and Control Agency (AICA) on 30th April, as well as the market situation, with an increase in available resources, despite the reduction of imports.

Commitment to sustainable viticulture in the Priorat region

Europe is committed to a model of sustainable and high quality wine production in the Region of Priorat, through the LIFE PRIORAT + MONTSANT project, which has a budget of 1.5 million euros, co-financed by the European Union. This initiative is led by a Consortium of five entities, led by VITEC (Wine Technological Center) which, together with the Montsant Denomination of Origin, the Designated Priorat Denomination of Origin, the service company for sustainability Lavola 1981 and the Technology Platform will work for the next four years to develop and demonstrate a model of wine production in this Catalan region, based on the sustainable use of resources and that can be subsequently reproduced in other wine regions, Spanish and European.

Inlac initiates a campaign that promotes the consumption of three dairy products per day as the basis of a healthy diet

The Interprofessional Organization that encompasses the entire Spanish dairy sector, Inlac, has presented on 14th June a campaign aimed at improving the knowledge and perception of dairy products, whose consumption, despite being essential elements for a balanced diet, it does not at present reach the necessary amounts for a correct feeding. Through rigorous information, which bases its messages on the work of a Scientific Committee composed of experts of recognized prestige, this initiative seeks to promote among the Spanish population the intake of at least three dairy a day, and has the support the EU and MAPAMA.
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PROVACUNO faces a new stage, emphasizing internationalization and national consumption

The Interprofessional Beef Organization (PROVACUNO) faces a new stage in which it will prioritize as objectives internationalization and internal consumption, as it informed during its act of longing, celebrated last May 29th in Madrid. Thus, this Interprofessional Organization has launched an ambitious Internationalization Plan, which will be developed during the period 2017-2021, to promote Spanish beef in foreign markets. Likewise, work is being done to ensure that Spanish consumers adequately value domestic beef, according to the director of PROVACUNO, Javier López.
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You can already consult ECA OLIVE, the first yearbook of SIETE Agromarketing on the olive sector

Do not miss the first edition of the yearbook edited by SIETE Agromarketing and e-Comercio Agrario, ECA OLIVE, through which you will be informed of the most relevant related to the sector of olive and olive oil: the balance of the last campaign and the forecasts of the future, the presence of Spanish olive oil in the world, the best AOVE of the market, not to mention the most important fairs and events in the sector. It also includes a complete report on the main diseases that lurk in the olive tree, as well as a special dossier on financing in the agricultural sector. All this, and many more, at ECA OLIVE.
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The Olive Pomace Oil Interprofesional coined Oriva, a brand that claims the tradition and quality of its product

The Olive Orchard Interprofessional has recently presented, within the framework of the Expoliva 2017 fair, the new brand that represents it, ORIVA, which symbolizes all the work developed by the olive pomace oil sector, whose efforts have been aimed at promoting a product of the highest quality for the food sector, the hotel industry and consumers in general, supported by values ​​that revolve around its healthy properties, the profitability of its use and the sustainability of its production processes.