Rodrigo Sánchez Haro will inaugurate the II Tertulia Business Agro on the olive sector

The Andalusian Councilor for Agriculture, Rodrigo Sánchez Haro will inaugurate next Wednesday, October 25th, the 2nd Tertulia Business Agro on the olive sector, "Olivar: quality and innovation for international markets". This event is organized by SIETE Agromarketing and e-Comercio Agrario (ECA) together with ASAJA Córdoba, the cooperative group DCOOP, and the strategic collaboration of Extenda-Andalusian Agency for Foreign Promotion and the Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of Andalusia (CAPDER).
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The 2nd Tertulia Business Agro on the olive sector already heats engines

On October 25th, the Royal Botanic Garden of the capital of Cordoba will host the II Tertulia Business Agro on the olive sector, "Olivar: quality and innovation for international markets". This event, organized by e-Commerce Agrarian (ECA) and SIETE Agromarketing, a communication and consulting agency specialized in the agro-food sector, hopes to repeat the success of the call and participation of its previous edition, celebrated last November 15th in Toledo , thanks to a careful program that includes the interventions of leading experts and professionals in the sector.
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Cooperativa Condes de Fuensalida presents to the international market its wine of semidulce pink needle of the variety Grenache

La Mancha cooperative Condes de Fuensalida has presented its "Semidulce Rosé Wine Grenache Variety" in Mexico, Holland and France. A novel and quality broth, which emerged three years ago, and which has become one of the star products of this company. The constant effort of the partners to create a different wine has been reflected in the elaboration of a light product of taking, with much needle and with high fruit load.

Aguilera urges EU to take urgent steps to halt the advance of Xylella

The Socialist MEP and Vice-President of the Committee on Agriculture in the European Parliament, Clara Aguilera, has called on the European Commission to take urgent steps to halt the progress of Xylella fastidiosa, which is already affecting several countries in continental Europe, including Spain and more concretely to the regions of the Valencian Community and Baleares. Aguilera recalls that no administration should "evade its responsibility to stop the plague" and calls for compensation for affected producers.

The stock level of the current wine year exceeds the average of the last four years, with 33.3Mhl

According to the latest INFOVI (Market Information System for the Wine Sector), the current wine campaign 2017 - 2018 has begun with a stock of wine and must of 33.3 million hectoliters. This is a level of stocks somewhat higher than the average of the last four years, which will contribute to improving the balance of the market in the current campaign, marked by a forecast of low production, both in Spain and in other EU producing countries.

Peru: Pro Olivo creates a management group to promote innovation within the olive sector

The Pro Olivo Association, which is made up of Peruvian olive processing and exporting olive and table processing companies, has recently created the Management Group of the Olive Innovation System, whose main purpose is to promote innovation within the olive sector. The establishment of this Management Group has been possible thanks to the support of the INNOVATE PERU Ministerial Program and once the Pro Olivo Association has successfully concluded the "Technological Innovation Agenda for the Technical and Commercial Development of the Olive Tree".

UPA values ​​this harvest negatively, both in production and prices

The agricultural organization UPA has made a negative balance, both in production and in prices, of the current harvest, once this has become widespread throughout the national territory. Thus, and according to their calculations, the production of grapes has decreased by 20% as a result of bad climatology, a decline that in some territories has reached 60%. Although this bad situation is also suffered by other European competitors, in Spain winegrowers also have to deal with low prices. For this reason, the UPA has asked the Food Information and Control Agency (AICA) to intensify controls of compliance with the Law of the food chain.
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Agroseguro will compensate with 12.6 million to Castilla-La Mancha for damages in vinification grapes

Agroseguro will compensate with more than 75 million euros the damages in grapes of vinification caused in all the national territory, mainly by hail and frost, after the estimates of this insurer by this type of sinister. Of this amount, a total of 12.6 million euros will be paid to farmers in the Autonomous Community of Castilla-La Mancha, which accounts for 17% of the aid granted at the national level. Payments of compensation for early harvest varieties will commence on 21st September.

Todolivo undertakes the works of its new headquarters, in the old factory of Pan Arenas

The company from Cordoba Todolivo will locate its new facilities in the old Pan Arenas factory, which has been acquired for this purpose. With its new headquarters, Todolivo seeks to provide a more efficient service to its customers, while transmitting a more avant-garde image, in accordance with its corporate identity. The company, expert in olive cultivation in hedge, plans to inaugurate the new facilities in early 2019.