Immersing in anchovy research


The official Spanish oceanographic vessel “Emma Bardan” started in the port of Pasajes (Euskadi), the research campaign Bioman 2016, held in conjunction with the oceanographic ship Ramon Margalef Institute of Oceanography Spanish and ending the day May 27 at the port of departure. The results of the campaign will allow the status of the stock and its forecasts.

The main purpose of the campaign is to estimate the biomass of anchovy from the method of daily egg production, determining the area of ​​commissioning and characterization of hydrographic conditions, to assess the condition of that fishery.

The priority activities to be carried aboard the Emma Bardan will detect pelagic fishing for anchovy abundance of eggs and make our biological species, in particular studies of growth and reproduction.
a continuous record will be made with acoustic methods to estimate the abundance of anchovy, determine spawning areas and opportunistic sighting of potential predators (birds and marine mammals). our data mackerel, hake sample collection and characterization of the marine environment in the Bay of Biscay will also be collected.

Such campaigns are essential to better understand our seas and ensure sustainable management and protection of resources in the long term. For this, the General Secretariat of Fisheries continues to invest efforts in developing research campaigns aboard their Oceanographic Vessels.

Thanks to the collaboration agreement between the General Secretariat of Fisheries and AZTI Foundation to facilitate access to and use of ships of the General Secretariat and its equipment to the researchers, is achieved to make available to scientists the most appropriate instrument given the the end of the campaign, while attempting to achieve optimization of resources to benefit all institutions.


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