Iberian Ham from Spain will be promoted in Europe and Mexico

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Two projects promoted by ASICI and approved by the EU with an allocation of 5.8 million euros, will promote the Iberian Hams of Spain in international markets and disseminate the European production model, characterized by quality, traceability, food security and animal welfare, to advance in the conquest of foreign markets. This unprecedented initiative for the sector comes at a key moment, because it gives a great impetus to the Internationalization of one of the star products of our gastronomy. It should be remembered that Iberian ham, besides being a great food, healthy and natural, is tradition, culture and part of the European Gastronomic Heritage.

The communication actions will bring the Iberian Hams to consumers from different countries, informing about their benefits, their origin and their characteristics, compatible with a sustainable production and respectful with the environment, demands increasingly demanded by consumers.

The president of ASICI, Francisco Javier Morato, stressed that these campaigns will serve to “consolidate and expand the knowledge and recognition of Iberian hams in international markets, promoting the increase of consumption of our products in these markets”.

In the European market, the program focuses on promoting the product in cities in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, as well as in Spain. Likewise, Mexico is one of the key markets for the Iberian sector. For this reason, the program will land in the Aztec country with the objective of positioning the Iberian Hams in the imaginary of gourmet products of Mexican consumers.

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The project aims to increase the recognition of Iberian Ham in the main markets supported by gastronomic tastings in reference restaurants or gourmet stores in Mexico, and a “Road Show” in Europe that will tour the main European capitals. Additionally, the campaign includes informative actions in prestigious catering schools, international press trips to production areas, outdoor advertising or campaigns in international media.

The sector in figures

Spain has more than 16,400 farms and 500 processing and processing companies, which gives an idea of ​​the economic and social dimension of the sector. Four regions concentrate 75.74% of the farms and 91.65% of the industries registered in Ithaca – System of Identification, Quality and Traceability that integrates and transmits the trazabilidad and quality of the Iberian pig from the origin to the point of sale -.

In this sense, Extremadura accounts for 39.94% of farms; Andalusia 29.05%; Castilla y León 10.30% and Castilla-La Mancha 1.45%. Regarding the number of industries, 44.40% are located in Castilla y León; 23.09% in Andalusia; 21.14% in Extremadura and 3.02% in Castilla-La Mancha. During 2017, 6.8 million hams and the same number of Iberian popsicles were identified with Norma’s seals in our country that, from June 2016 to the same month of 2017, consumed almost 13,000 tons of Iberian ham worth more than 400 million euros

Internationalization is one of the priorities of the sector, with increasing exports to the EU (France, Germany and the United Kingdom especially), Mexico, the US and Southeast Asia (China, Taiwan or Japan, among others).


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