HUERCASA will participate in the tenth edition of Fruit Attraction

New Holland Eng
Huercasa will participate from 23 to 25 October in the tenth edition of Fruit Attraction, the most important event of the sector at national level, which will take place at IFEMA Feria de Madrid. The company will take advantage of this scenario to publicize its work in the reduction of food waste, which is being progressively applied to its entire range of products. Involved in the concept of circular economy and the maximum use of food, Huercasa is working on different products that guarantee the reduction of raw material waste. In this line, the company will present new solutions that, in addition to facilitating the consumption of these foods in the home, will optimize the use of the raw material that arrives from the field.
Huercasa receives about 45,000 tons of beet from the field each year and the objective is to optimize the utilization of this beet by 5%. At the same time, Huercasa continues working on the development of its range of ecological products. The company has been selling bio vegetable products for more than a decade, a range that already reaches 10% of its turnover.
However, faced with a growing demand for products with high convenience and minimally processed value, the company wants to meet the needs of an increasingly large group of consumers who are committed to organic food with a greater offer.

Huercasa already has in its range of red beet products, bio table and sweet corn in organic cob, as well as organic legumes (cooked chickpeas and lentils) and organic brown rice. Now, cooked beet, sweet potato and cut pumpkin are added to the range of organic products. As in conventional products, they are vacuum packed vegetables, which maintain all the flavor and texture of the freshly cooked product thanks to the quality and selection of the raw material, the pasteurization treatment and its cold storage. These new Huercasa vegetable solutions save time for the consumer who is fond of cooking, providing added value for its practicality and eliminating the processes of cleaning, chopping and cooking vegetables, and also have the added benefit of organic farming. Also of ecological cultivation, Huercasa will present at the fair of Madrid its latest projects of innovation in on the go healthy, salads and creams of vegetables that are ideal to take both at home and at work or on the street when we have little time but we want to eat healthy.


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